Final Fantasy XV:The Prince Of Berserker・Judgment Disk Look Back III

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The improved Link Attack is very good! It is pretty darn useful in defeating stronger enemies.

(Notes: OMG Cor Leonis!!! Although not in this demo, but talk about Link Attack, I'm so dying for Cor would join Noct's team when I found out this! aww Gladiolus and Cor... these uncle style hunks just killing me )

You will have a tough time beating them without the cooperation of the party members. Unlike Episode Duscae, the party members other than Noct will never left behind.

There are not only attack skills, but also various skills.

The frame rate has improved. It is stable and good.
As a result of that, the graphic quality has dropped a little. Plus, the number of enemies on the field reduced.
Since Tabata san said that a most important thing in an action game is the frame rate, I understand about this result :)

Prompto's Photo Mode
I love this mode! I enjoyed it than I expected! It is a unique mode that Prompto takes photos without asking me lol
He takes various photos, such as a cool photo, a funny photo and a decisive moment photo! That will be a good memory! X3

I strongly felt the friendship that is one of the theme of FFXV. I wonder how Noct and his friends are going to end!

Sorry for my poor in English. Thank you for reading this to the end!
(Notes: This demo story completely connected Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, so grateful we already have so grand and gorgeous CG movie as Final Fantasy XV cinematic opening. With a filled of passion heart, I sincerely look forward to the game come out)

"Your English is already too goooood, Moumuu san lol - Archer"

 Article by Moumuu
 Narration by Jas
 Posted by Edward & Archer

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