Castlevania Lords of Shadow Recommended works:Solitary Crusader & Zero

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Solitary Crusader was my Castlevania series 1st works and it's also my Castlevania projects overture.
It was the most difficult to edit works too, because I really need to try very hard to clearly introduce all features of game in a less 3 minutes works...
And it's also the only one which use different background music style from the others.
(The other works all used Japanese songs.)
... Lol It's really special from the others! xD
But as I said, it's the 1st works, so I think it still has many details need to be improved.
Anyway, Please maintain a relaxed mood to enjoy it!
Thanks a lot! :D

Solitary Crusader

Zero (The Last Stand) was the last Episode of Castlevania Lords of Shadow projects.
It made from woodpulp derived from Chapter 11 & 12 of the game.
And... there was too many great cutscenes I didn't want to lose! 
So it became 2 versions in the final decision-making, it including Straight-Run version and Complete version.
I sincerely hope that through my works, you will magically transported in the world of Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

The Last Stand complete version

The Last Stand straight version

Postscript :
In fact, The Last Stand part II project is still not completed.
Anyway, It's all YouTube's fault! :0
Why always is my works contain copyright issues? :0 
YouTube only can bully a poor innocent kawaii creator?  It's so stingy, isn't? :0 
*throw eggs to YouTube*
However, Vimeo is so friendly to accept my works... ;) I'll finish it in coming days! XD
Seeya! :D

Author by Jesse & Post published by Archer

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