No movie trailer plan or video game cutscenes plot editing and so on. Glitch Final Fantasy XIII definitely was our only one pure music video in 2016!
As usual, we had a lot of fun while all members united together... online lol
As the title, this time all clips added coolest and colorful glitch effects. The results really was a super dazzled feast for the eyes lol
(Along with each member more busy for their own life, that's really a very valuable opportunity as we completed so magnificent creation together.)

For the nudity images never was a problem but more hotter and sexier, it's more like mature art. Our editors are professional after all lol
And notice the most important thing straightly, our project theme was "Glitch" effect skills performance with video content, so if you're Snow x Noel theme haters just fuck off and don't disturb our editor's YouTube channel which uploaded the video. There no need your hate in it. pfft

And also for this great gift we especially thank to one member's friend - Gianluca offered his time and great images.
So... happy moment was ended, look forward to next time would see you all Persona guys together again soon!
Enjoy our great works

 - Archer -


Password wolves Snow guys and puppy Noel

A fan made MV GLITCH FINAL FANTASY XIII:TIMEBOMB・Masculine Wolves Edition

Images & Music Editor personaapollo personacyparissus Crowe (pre Sherry) Nyx(pre Jake) personasnowvilliers personahyacinth Yama and Harlock



Images & Music Revision Editor Edward Crowe (pre Sherry) Nyx(pre Jake) Yama Harlock and Archer

Animators Gianluca Lazn ConflictLuka Horizont8 Hatredboy and Wellsy71

Music Source Kylie Minogue's Timebomb (cover by Charlee M.)

GLITCH FINAL FANTASY XIII:TIMEBOMB・Masculine Wolves Edition Postscript

In one night, Snow guys and Noel together watching their own latest music video - GLITCH FINAL FANTASY XIII:TIMEBOMB・Masculine Wolves Edition.

Watching the video intro Noel's dancing and then forehead immediately full of surprised sweat Another Younger Snow: ... That's... totally... sucks...

"I don't like dance anyway." glared at The Blond-haired Hunk Noel frowned up and grumblingly answered.
"It's okay, it's okay, my Noel..." sitting at The Brown-haired Juvenile's behind Older Snow scratching his head and bitter smiling said.

"Alright! Let's do it!" returned from a surprised silence Younger Snow shouted out suddenly and took off his clothes.

"Wha- What are you doing?" gazing at The Shirtless Blond-haired Hunk's Masculine Robust Torso and blushing Noel couldn't help said aloud.
Step by step approaching to The Brown-haired Juvenile "Teach you dance." Shirtless Younger Snow exuding an irresistible masculinity with said.

"Hahaha That's a Fucking greatest awesome idea!" also unceremoniously took off clothes Another Younger Snow seemed intentionally or unintentionally showing off his Masculine Muscled Upper Torso and said aloud.

"No! I don't wanna learn dance!" panicked and unconsciously raised his body backwards Noel simultaneously felt a masculine atmosphere of heat from his behind.
"Don't be shy, my Noel. We will be your best teachers." The Blond-haired Masculine Robust Hunk - Older Snow already took off his clothes and elatedly said as The Brown-haired Juvenile looked back at the same time.

"You guys are crazy!" Noel excitedly shouted out loud as the three shirtless manful hunks gradually surrounded him.

Along with a leap the shyly juvenile left the blond-haired guys behind and stormed out in a flash and turn a deaf ear for their calling.
"Ah, Noel..." "Why angry?" "Noel!?..." three blond-haired hunks looked at each other then disappointedly murmured.
In a sudden, they turn towards the writer and rumbling grumbled in unison "We just want to teach our Noel dance!!!"

(the hell you will...)
Never worry no hilarious moments when these three blond-haired folks meet together...

- FIN -

- Postscript by Persona Group Plus -

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