Adult-Fanfiction Trilogy・Final Fantasy VIII:GF 101・Ifrit


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Adult-Fanfiction Trilogy・Final Fantasy VIII:GF 101・Ifrit

Original Work by xax
Reprint, Adapted and Extended Editing combination of the fanfiction and games by Persona Group Plus

Squall's forehead still hurt.
Here it was, the afternoon of the SeeD exam, and he still hadn't managed to get his prerequisites done.
He'd planned to finish the last few tasks this morning, but Seifer just had to pull that stunt of his and put Squall in the infirmary for most of the day.
Now he had only a few hours to take and file his tests and, worst of all, Prof. Trepe seemed to think he'd need an escort as he hurried from task to task around the Garden, just in case... what?
Just in case he passed out from his head wound and fell into the water?
And had volunteered herself for the cause.
He really had no clue why she was following him around, trying to talk to him as often as not.
He was certain the growing pain in his head was due less to taking a sword to the face and more because of Prof. Trepe's high-pitched giggle, which she employed every time she thought she'd said something funny.
Squall stomped back to the second floor classroom, a veritable storm-cloud of grumpiness over his head.
According to his itinerary (which he had written a week ago and now even looking at the TO BE COMPLETED BY dates made him feel guilty) the only requirement for the SeeD exam he had left was the most challenging of the bunch - capture a mid-level Guardian Force and utilize its junction techniques (with elemental or status junctions worth extra credit).
Part of the reason that Balamb Garden was established, in fact, on Balamb Island was that practically every cave, forest, shore, and nook & cranny on the island had its own patron GF, which made procuring Forces for prospective SeeD members relatively easy.
Squall didn't know the details, something about indigenous earth-worshipping cultures that had attracted or created Forces which had remained to the present day.
At any rate, he had jotted down a few prospective sites when he was doing his initial planning, but with his current time crunch it looked like the nearest option was the only one feasible - all the other sites were at least a half-day hike into the more remote parts of the island, whereas the Fire Cavern was maybe a half-hour walk, through a field (and around a forest), away from the Garden.
And it looked like Prof. Trepe intended to follow him all the way there too.
If he had known that (and felt like blowing his chances of becoming a SeeD for the next six months) he would have picked the furthest site, the one on a sheer cliff, against the sea, on the other side of the mountain, just for spite.
Well, maybe not really.
She was a decent teacher, but she just kept talking to him, like she wanted to be his friend.
Squall's life was so hard.

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