Manski's Fallout 4:John Hancock's Revenge・Wasteland Workshop Intruder


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Manski's Fallout 4:John Hancock's Revenge・Wasteland Workshop Intruder was adapted from Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop trailer and high speed completed in less one hour.
The spotlights on 2 editing skills performance - 100% fusion with the theme trailer and no trace combined adult scene smoothly.
So, if clips editing and background music and sound effects and so on everything was so perfect match, why became an Alan Smithee works(?)
However, Plus is a dreamy party group, here no one like Fallout Ghoul as a lover *sweat* (after finished the works, everyone already ran away lol why don't give us Sole Survivor x Paladin Danse, Grrr if you asking why we still made this? - because we need training 🎬)

Also, there is a scene revision for loop functional. Manski's scene was a perfect continuous frames without repeat that caused the scene end frame couldn't link up the beginning frame became a hiatus, although we revised it but didn't use full of it. (if there was more time it should get more extended but we're too busy. Oooh, saying here, that reminded me a humiliated memory from someone told me a review. WTF is "Anonymous2: What is great? A shitty edit of perfect scenes someone else animated?"? I've a job to earn money for enjoy the making video fun as a professional video editor years already. so show some respect and fuck off ☺)

OK! Enjoy the trailer and see you next round 🎃

- Persona Group Plus -

Fallout 4:John Hancock's Revenge・Wasteland Workshop Intruder

Password Manski Daisuki

A fan made game trailer Fallout 4:John Hancock's Revenge・Wasteland Workshop Intruder

 Trailer Summary:
 After a fierce argument, Sole Survivor broke up with John Hancock. He moved to Wasteland Workshop and settled down. But it doesn't mean John Hancock's rage also vanished...

Images & Background Music Remix by Alan Smithee

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