X-Men:Days of Future Past・Dark Apocalypse

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EPIC 2013


there are something share with viewers! if you read this haha
see that? above posted works blocked worldwide by youtube. wtf haha long time no got this.
oh yeah, congratulations! i'm so honored again! that's why i don't like movie projects.
even if music, clips all in line with the provisions of tribute videos, but still have endless stream of problems. sincerely give a new way to all friends for interested video making,
 V  vimeo website is a great ideal playground so far! be honest, youtube is down now.
last, use youtube as a file conversion tool! i found youtube really useful with any format into smallest size hd mp4! after you uploaded your all huge size hd files, you can download back your files into 1/10 small size but hd! do your best to use this corrupting youtube website for your business!

return to the topic
this works purely for fun! actually images editing really spoiler a lot but i also enjoyed a lot! that's what we do, only for - fun.
even if you still not see the movie yet, don't worry, this works i promise would let you surprised for the clips and music editing! the full version also blocked worldwide
personally, x-men days of future past didn't reach my expectations... film critics gave 9.2 also too high in fact.
only amazed me was its cast list actually. however, i can give to you this cool fan made works at least!

- Snorre -

What's the last thing you remember?

Days Of Future Past

Dark Apocalypse

X-Men: Days of Future Past・Dark Apocalypse / X戰警: 未來昔日・暗黑默示錄之章 / X-Men: デイズ オブ フューチャー & パスト・暗黒黙示録の章

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Kevin Rix

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