Final Fantasy XIV:Heavensward・The Oath Of Flames / ファイナルファンタジー XIV:蒼天のイシュガルド・炎の誓い編

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Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward
ファイナルファンタジー XIV:蒼天のイシュガルド
The Oath Of Flames Edition

SWF Version

MP4 Version

Final Fantasy XIV:Heavensward・The Oath Of Flames was our 3rd Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Opening Movie project. (the others were Battlecry Edition and DragonSong War Edition)
Yeah, I know, once I said: we still have abilities to exceed any works which we made by our own hands. and... we not only make one works lol The Oath Of Flames Edition is the latest one!
Yeshhh, Music editor and clips editor gave The Oath Of Flames Edition's editing was more gorgeous.
Be honest, I thought last version already the best, I didn't expect there was 3rd version pop out... lol
Alright! Check it out! I'm guarantee you'll really wanna play the game because of our trailer works

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