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Ciao, guys! This week, all unfinished projects will back on the track one by one as we'll come back to work (Hope members have been enjoying their vacation.). Before that, let me insert a subject- an interesting app - Tokyo Afterschool Summoners / 東京放課後サモナーズ! I also highly recommend you give it a try if you read my post. By far, Tokyo Afterschool Summoners has released a total of 8 chapters as the season 1 main story completed. In reality situation (non-paid for buying gameplay items), the whole main story walkthrough of season 1 may spend 1~2 weeks, but it's very worth.

舞台は「東京」。/ The stage is Tokyo...
ただしその世界には「扉」があった。/ ...in a world full of doorways.
「23」の異世界とつながる「扉」が。/ Doorways that are portals connecting to 23 other worlds.
あらゆる異形が「召喚」されるこの東京で / Here, in this Tokyo, to which beings of all kinds are summoned...
今、「本当のあなた」と「仲間」の物語が、幕を開ける――― / ...the curtain rises on the tale of your true self, and even truer friends.

About the main story of gameplay, as the story background setting was based on 23 different dimension worlds that made the game presented colorful myth characters by the creatives crossover. Moreover, together with the original wonderful story contents, grandeur and surprise are still not enough to describe its pioneering work.

After endless reincarnation...
Again, I come back again.
Who summoned me?
A container for wanderers' souls of 23 different dimension worlds... Who is real me?
Horkeu, Toji, Zabaniyya, Ophion... in your eyes, which one of blazing light of souls that you're looking for?
Hold me tightly in your arms, my eternal lovers...

(As above, I simply stated about the most important part of the whole game. In fact, there are also Snow, Claude, Nomad, Macan, Jinn, Nyarlathotep, Marchosias, Takemaru etc. Plus many charming masculine characters illustrated by Sousuke that I loved alot! I'll collect them all ♥)

Of course not just that. Actually, this game hidden rich life meanings about sexuality, races, faith and freedom (Don't be prejudiced and put LGBT aside, please. It's 12+, this game is more better far than you think.).

Personally, Ophion not the most caught my eyes, but I really fall into him while I met him. Every word he said just lured me alot (sweats)... lol Be honesty, he will be the best ideal lover / husband if there is someone like him in the real world. Ah, I still cannot get him in my Nakama list.

No doubt why he is so popular... In Season 1 ending, his heroic sacrifice definitely was the most highlight spot. I really wish that when Season 2 comes out he will be still alive.

Ikebukuro Guild

Aoyama Guild

Roppongi Guild

Summoners Guild
(Guild Summoners - My Guild) I still don't know why the game designer created My Guild part for unlock... What for!? lol

Gameplay Snapshots

All Game Characters List

Clearly, there are so many great RPG players as I don't need to introduce the game world view or battle system and so on. I introduce the game because of its meaning of content is priceless. I'm so surprised there is not many people know it. Play it and you know I'm right 

Last, special thank to Tokyo Afterschool Summoners game users - mんb, いしわた, リヱ, めんスケ, 太郎 and Kresnik added me as friends to let me could smoothly pass the main quests. Really thank you! - J.A. Of Persona Group Plus

As Arc's screaming gradually drifted away, countless spears were cruelly running through Surtr and Harlot's bodies...
New enemies - Michael, Amaterasu-omikami and Cyborg league debuted!

EN / CH Season 1 Ending Annotation
As the Season 1 last episode end narration. Such as Aoyama Guild and Roppongi Guild, Summoners Guild also hasty retreat with Snow, Claude, Nomad and Macan of Ikebukuro Guild. Makoto Yūki looked at the bonfire was gradually dyeing the skyline, he firmly grasped the artifact - Kusanagi in hand. He's finally determined to fight against Michael, Amaterasu-omikami and Cyborg league. By far, Tokyo Afterschool Summoners just raised the curtain and their real battle has just begun. / 如同第1季最後一集結尾的敘述,望著烽火似紅蓮天際結城 理緊握著手中的草薙劍神器,下定決心要為東京真實的未來與迷迦勒天照大神生化人聯軍對抗到底。到目前為止,東京放課後召喚師的故事才剛拉開帷幕,他們的真正戰鬥也才剛剛開始。




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 Password wolves Snow guys and puppy Noel

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