Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Events Noel Kreiss theme music video Tearing Heart

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Final Fantasy XIII series original creations season II Top Secret Events is nearing completion! 
Today we published theme music video first! 
Damn, it's a very sad theme for Noel Kreiss... I thought the Snoel Lost Poems theme was already sad enough... but this one is above and beyond Sleeping Beauty! lol 
This works is still job done by the best partner, Jesse and Snorre
In addition, we also combine more artists for background music and clips! J Rice is a very awesome singer! His cover song, Heart Attack is completely perfect match for our work! 
And this was first time that we try to combine DeviantART artist, LoneWolf117 works. 
For the overall performance, images and animation scenes is very natural and smooth combined into a perfect music video! good job! my star =D
Enjoy the song and look forward to the last event works arrival! 

Snoel series Noel Kreiss theme music video Tearing Heart

Noel Kreiss theme Tearing Heart 

Images Editor: personaapollo 
Background Music Editor: personasnowvilliers 
Theme Song Heart Attack Artist: J Rice 
Images co-production Artists: Lazn & LoneWolf117 
Images Director: personahyacinth 

Rendering by LoneWolf117 

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