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If You Must Blink, Do It Now!

When I watch Kubo And The Two Strings, I was surprised as it completely exceed my expectation. (The Two Strings meaning may the most heartbroken part.)
About the film, from shamisen, origami, storyteller and local customs into countryside legend and mighty samurai vs the moon king myth, I never thought the movie not only shown so real colourful Japanese culture, but also vivid fusing oriental and western music styles with rich musical creativities.
If the movie once let you hesitated whether to go to theater or not, watch my works as a reference and then I'm very sure that you would be very assured without doubt anymore. (It's truly an unique movie in 2016!)
Enjoy and see you soon! - Jesse -

annnd, our fan works better than the official trailer! haha - Snorre -

Huh, after you watch Behind the scenes of Kubo And The Two Strings then will know its whole stop-motion and voice production just WTF amazing! - Aetos -

KUBO:Forbidden Luna Lullaby・弦魔錄

A fan made MV KUBO:Forbidden Luna Lullaby・弦魔錄 / クボと二本の弦久保と二弦 / 酷寶:魔弦傳說 / 쿠보 와 두 문자열

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