Introduction News:Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Follow-up

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Lightning Farron's new costume in
Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

This week,
except had published the newest trailer of Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy series from Jump Festa,
Square Enix also follow-up published newest game screenshots.
We can carry out a surmise of the story of the game should begin in Lightning meets Hope as we knew so far.
Also, they will release a new theme song Crimson Blitz by Masashi Hamauzu and while it can available to download from iTunes Store since December 23.

Cutscenes 1 screenshot

Cutscenes 2 screenshot

Event 1 screenshot

Event 2 screenshot

Field 1 screenshot

Field 2 screenshot

Field 3 screenshot

Battle 1 screenshot

Battle 2 screenshot

Battle 3 screenshot

Battle 4 screenshot

World Station screenshot

World North Station screenshot

World Monorail screenshot

World City screenshot

World Office screenshot

Persona Group creations playlist:

Screenshots Title Page

Alright! Square Enix returns with Lightning.
Let's look forward to its more follow-up news in the future. 

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII OST Jump Festa remix feat. Screenshots


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