9th Trivial Project:Worlds Apart & Unbreakable's Evolution Of Visual & Audio Combination

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World Apart Feat Unbreakable Evolution Edition

Unbreakable is a combining works from 2 different visual and audio creations. One is World Apart by Seven Lions feat Kerli, the other is Dirty South feat Sam Martin's Unbreakable.

This idea of the project proposed by member - Jake.
It's very funny, we found out the combining works more appropriate than the original when we watched it.
However, due to copyright issues, entertainment just entertainment, the reality of the situation still needs attention.
That's why we unlisted it.

Unbreakable is a very positive meaning song. World Apart is full of fantasy colours images (remind me the movie - Never Ending Story).
I only can say that we gave both into a realm reborn. I'm so glad for have an opportunity to combine these 2 beautiful works as an editing capability training.

 If you also think the works editing overall's fit extent also matched as the original one that I'll feel very happy! (Of course, premise that original still is good! Don't get me wrong lol)

Article by Jacinthe

post by Archer

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Jake & Sherry 
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