Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part V

I added this attached subject because when I first time saw the snapshot () then I began to doubt that perhaps only Japanese version Prompto got the ability to shot Cactuars and Slactuars close-up in Timed Quest lol (At least I played many times and get no one lol)

After I collected all snapshots from you guys that I may be right. Only Moumuu san got Cactuars and Slactuars close-up! WAAAT!? (Anyway no one can prove I'm right or wrong anymore as the timed quest is closed lol)

1st Timed Quest Platinum Snapshots Pack

 Snapshots by Mounuu

1st Timed Quest Gold Snapshots Pack

 Snapshots by Snorre, Jesse, Sherry & Jas

1st Timed Quest Snapshots Pack

 Snapshots by Jesse & Jack

Complete 2nd Timed Quest Before 14th March!

When start 2nd Time Quest, I recommended setup Lestallum as stronghold. From Lestallum to Cape Caem, there is not only can complete 2nd Timed Quest but also a new highly enjoyable series Mobhunt tasks to let you finish. As we played Randolph quests before, I'm sure that round trip between Lestallum and Cape Caem during complete timed task will bring to you a very colourful journey.

Lestallum Platinum Snapshots Pack

 Snapshots by Aetos

During completing Lestallum Mobhunt tasks, whether reaching event locations, completing difficulty or entertaining all were the best as the whole gameplay process is smooth and forthright. The most difficult may be Samurai Ayakashi. But that doesn't mean other tasks would easy to achieve. Despite this, the overall adventure was full of unforgettable experience until arrival Cape Caem.

Lestallum Mobhunt Journey Platinum Snapshots Pack

(This is Diamond lol)

 Snapshots by Jas

Lestallum Mobhunt Journey Snapshots Pack

 Snapshots by Edward, Jack & Archer

Final Fantasy XVDefeat Samurai Ayakashi・Blind Gameplay Task 2

 Gameplay & Snapshots by Jesse

Challenge The Strongest Enemy

Be ready for Niflheim Army's challenge at anytime anywhere!

Even if completed each Mobhunt task at every time, yet, may have no chance to take a break, for a rare opportunity, must to straighten the chest to face the strongest enemy Angelus on the road.

 Snapshots by Harlock & Snorre

And... to face Angelus moment finally will come.

 Snapshots by Yama

Final Fantasy XVVs Angelus・Blind Gameplay Task 3

 Gameplay by Jesse

 Snapshots by Jesse & Snorre

Along with arrival Cape Caem, for prepare to fight Malboros and Malbodooms if never camped here then you also can enjoy Noctis and Prompto's camp event. (Ribbon is not the only way to avoid all bad status. While in camp, Ignis cooking bean balls or mushroom dishes also is a way.)

Snapshots by Sherry

Timed Quest battle begin! And... how many times you challenged so far? lol

Cape Caem Timed Quest Snapshots Pack

 Snapshots by Harlock, Yama & Jake

Completed the task in 9 minutes? At least I didn't... lol Tried magic tactics as the game forum commonly recommended but it's really not my type. So let's watch the gameplay and see what can do here. - Jesse

Final Fantasy XV 20170308171251

 2nd Timed Quest Gameplay by Gian

 Snapshots by Sherry

Memories from Chapter 13 to 14 by Moumuu

 Snapshot by Jake

Spoilers warning.

 Snapshot by Archer

I beat the game on 9th February.
A lot of important reports and lines in Chapter 13 were very interesting! It is highly possible that Prompto is a clone. Can I have one?
According Ultimania, Prompto was adopted into Argentum family when he was 1 year old. If he was not adopted, he turned into a MT? 😱
The character of Ravus was inconsistent due to the short development time. Comparing with him in Kingsglaive, he totally different person. I'm looking forward the update include the backstory of Ravus!
Anyway, why does Square Enix love the boss design like Ravus? Just the same as Cid in XIII and Snow in LR lol

I thought Noct is the main character who the most tragic in FF series. I cried... After watching the ending, I watched the credits and cried again T_T
After that, I googled the lyrics of Too Much Is Never Enough, and cried once again.

> I couldn't say I need more time
> Oh, grant that I can stay the night
> Or one more day inside this life

Noct... T_T
His fate was Too Much to him, but it was Never Enough to bottle up his emotions. Is my understanding correct?

Completed Various Things

Sidequests except Broken Car and Rescue

Pitioss Ruins

・All Mobhunts

 ・The list of Fish and Dish

・All colors of Regalia and Chocobo, including secret colors

Regalia decals except DLC

・Timed Quests 100 Cactuars and Slactuars

I'm hunting an Angelus now. I really want a Magitek Suit V2!
Ragnarok included in Booster Pack+ is a very powerful weapon! It is worth every penny 😚
It was very useful when I walkthrough A Menace Sleeps in Costlemark.

 Snapshot by Moumuu

Official Update Trailers

Final Fantasy XVUpdate TrailerSpring 2017

Final Fantasy XVA Challenger Once AgainGDC 2017

Episode Gladiolus Download Content

About Gladio DLC, from the Gamespot released gameplay content, counting his face scars that should be easy to foreknow that story background should setup between Chapter 7 and 9. As I said earlier, and I'm sure that my guessing will be totally right! On 28th March... I'm really HYPED for this! lol - Jas

Final Fantasy XVEpisode Gladio GameplayThe First 15 Minutes

 Episode Gladiolus Download Content will be released on 28th March, the 15 minutes gameplay demo was released by Gamespot.

 Snapshots by Jas

 Posted by Archer

Updated by Edward & Archer

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