Transformers: Age of Extinction・Immortal Legacy

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Each person could become an Immortal Legacy,
If you really have a firm belief in the glorious humanity.

Be honest, I'm not very satisfied Transformers: Age of Extinction.
The overall feel anticlimactic, particularly the nothing surprised final battle and less domineering end.
Personally also feel the new characters of Transformers don't look good at all.
But not too bad after all! OK, back to the topic lol
Different from the title sentence, actually this works is very irony humanity ugly side.
Editors focused on no fixed abode Transformers, for their regretless dedication but later got human selfishness and betrayal.
Based on making experience of the previous project - Pacific Rim, this time the making process was more handy.
Induce people's motives to watch the movie that's still our project purpose lol That's how we feel fun and pride for making videos.
It's worth a mentioning that we published Transformers 4:Immortal Legacy in 2 YouTube channels.
One is here, the other one we specially made a tag title for our nice friend - Moumuu san.
(Because she likes Bumblebee lol)

- Archer -

Transformers: Age of Extinction
Immortal Legacy

Transformers: Age of Extinction・Immortal Legacy

Transformers: Age of Extinction / 變形金剛4:絕跡重生 / トランスフォーマー ロストエイジ (トランスフォーマー:絶滅の時代)

Works Editors
personaapollo / personasnowvilliers / personahyacinth

Music Source
Kári Sigurdsson

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved by Paramount Pictures Co Ltd.
All Publishing Creations Only for Privately enjoyment and NO copyright infringement intended & commercial profit-making purposes!

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