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After I made test works Snow's Religion!!! adult golden edition,
I really really wanna seriously create a brand-new, majestic, awe-inspiring, full of masculine manly Snow Villiers thematic music video... :')
Finally I have free time to complete my wishes & ideas after those crazy working days... ;')
(After all, real life needs still have to take care XD)

I quite understand the charm of my works. Which also my works were hated by some FF fans of the biggest factor: Edited them were like parts of game cutscenes - so real to cause spoilers XD
But, as I said, I just enjoyed to create my works in my little dreamland with my like-minded friends... so please relax and deal with it, haters >.<

For the first time watch my works audiences (specifically Snow fans), sincerely wish you would enjoy them! I'm sure that you'll fall in love with me XD
Last, for all like my works audiences, I will do my best to keep you entertained, and wandering around in my dreamland! :D
See you soon X3

PS. love you, dear Snorre

- Noel Kreiss -

Snow's Religion!!! Battle Theme:

Wanna Fight? Welcome to Yusnaan!

Snow's Religion!!! Battle Theme: The SNOW VILLIERS 2013! Snow Villiers Gangster Hero Stylish!

Images & Background Music & Sound Effects Re-Edited by
Jesse / personaapollo & Snorre / personasnowvilliers & Aetos / personahyacinth

Article by Jesse

Works Story Written by Jesse

post by  Archer & Jacinthe

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