Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV3

Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV3 was edited by Aetos and me. Be honest, it's a very enjoyable and easy project. Now I'm a Gold Saints fan lol.
It must be mentioned is that whole project works never randomly picked clips and songs. You should know what I'm talking about, if you're a true fan of anime world of Shingo Araki & Michi Himeno feat Masami Kurumada.
I've no much to discuss as I'm totally a freshman into Saint Seiya world. Only one thing I can confirm is that I have no failed works.
I still feel very pity until now, one after another published Saint Seiya anime series regardless popular or not, there still was no one could reach the standard of Shingo Araki & Michi Himeno art style. Last, I really have to spit it out here "30th Anniversary Saint Seiya 3D animation movie was really terrible..." - Jas

Saint Seiya聖闘士星矢AMV3

 A fan made AMV Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV3 / Images & Background Music Edited by personacyparissus personahyacinth of Persona Group

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