Seventh Son・Hell Invadorz

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When Darkness Falls, The Son Will Rise.

I'm not sure the reason of the movie's release date continuous postponed, but even the cooperation film company from Warner also replaced by Universal, that's really described as tortuous... However, personally focus is still on the cast lol

In this project images editing, I not only try to exclude my story describe habits and excessive information, but also try a more lively cutting way to attract audience to watch.
(Actually, should say that's a more closer manly expression way)

Background music choosing by personasnowvilliers, really glad he picked up my personal favorite style of music by Two Steps From Hell. This also let me editing process even easier.
As usual, our FMV projects purely show their attract the audience to watch of the charm and qualities that's never changed. I'm sure our work is absolutely the best, as for the movie itself is good or bad, it is a matter of opinion.

Last, special thank to Harlock and Yama helped me to quickly complete this project in a few hours... It's really a super busy December.


- Jacinthe -

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personahyacinth / Harlock / Yama

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Two Steps From Hell

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Seventh Son・Hell Invadorz

Seventh Son ・Hell Invadorz

Seventh Son / セブンス・ソン / 第七傳人

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