Castlevania Lords of Shadow Recommended works:Wandering of Blue Bullet & Rock Man

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Wandering of Blue Bullet made from woodpulp derived from Chapter 7 & 8 of the game.
This one I did the most balanced edit between images of story cutscenes and game play scenes.
But I have to say, its editing process really like a hell...

Anyway, when you start to watch this works,
you can find out about Gabriel and four female main characters have a very balanced delicate relationship.
And I'm always excited for Gabriel finally got his wings! XD
Enjoy and Thanks for Watching! :D

Wandering of Blue Bullet

In addition to Love Phantom, I special fondness this works - Rock Man
Editorial style of the entire works that I use the way of the storyteller.
Actually, I saw most game players didn't like this part in the game...
"Do we really need to go there?" That's what they talk about. lol
I especially love the one of special situational image:
"In the boundless Wilderness... A wandering of solitary and majestic silhouette."

That's why I have no reason to fall in love with this part of Castlevania.
and Exhausted...
In Chapter 9 and 10 of Castlevania Lords of Shadow,
Gabriel's inner began to change. 
To change the destiny or being manipulation by fate?
In the deception and betrayal of truth non-stop fight and try to find the light...
Awakening... Rock man. 

Rock Man

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Author by Jesse & Post published by Archer

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