The Message From Milla Jovovich

Because Milla Jovovich more and more close to expected date of her 2nd daughter, I seem to be able to understand the feelings of a mother's care and love from her articles.
This was the latest article for sharing her current situation to fans, content included her film news and funny daily (really funny lol that's why I shared here as my private collection ).
I'm sure that you also will have a knowing smile after read her writing.

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry about being late with this post! I know I said I would post again on Monday, but to be honest, the week has pretty well run a way from me! Just to warn you, this will be a long read!
For anyone who hasn’t read my earlier posts, I’m pregnant, with 8 weeks to go before my delivery date and I’ve challenged myself to try and have a really healthy, non processed diet for the remainder of my pregnancy. Since I have a lot of work lining up after our second child is born -including shooting the final movie in my franchise “Resident Evil” this summer- and I want to nurse her as long as possible, I want my time after she is born to be as stress free as possible! To make sure that happens, I didn’t want to have any issues with losing a whole bunch of unnecessary weight, but the way I was eating and not exercising, I quickly saw that my body would go above and beyond the perfectly normal and healthy 35 lbs. I’ve gained during my pregnancy if I didn’t make a real effort to step up my game and take care of myself.
So what I did was ask my personal trainer @harleypasternak for some advice and he told me to walk at least 12k steps a day, to stop juicing (because juice has minimal nutrients and fiber while retaining maximum amounts of sugar), start drinking home made smoothies and to eat 25 grams of protein a day. Once I started my new regime, I realized that I had reached the 10 week to delivery mark and thought it would be a lot of fun to start a ‪#‎fooddiary and include you guys in my journey!
Saying that, I’m also doing a lot of other stuff to prepare for the new baby, like totally re-organizing my home! lol! And things kind of got hectic for me this week! I did have an AWESOME cheat day on Sunday and went to my favorite hamburger joint for lunch where I partook in a double chili cheeseburger and large fries!!! Felt amazing going down, but my goodness, after all the clean living, I was SO heavy afterwards! I still did my hike though and averaged over 17k steps to make sure that cheeseburger knew who was boss (mama don’t play).
Monday I had 2 fried eggs and whole wheat toast for breakfast which got me up to 12 grams of protein and then made one of my super yummy smoothies with greek yogurt (which made up another whopping 15 grams of protein) that was my lunch, as well as my snack for later that afternoon (I make a few servings that I then put in the fridge). Check out some of my earlier posts to see all the good things I put in my smoothies!
Every Monday I also make a fresh chicken soup for my family, so I just had that for dinner and threw some Japanese soba noodles into it instead of regular pasta A. because I love soba and B. because I want to save myself some empty calories after my Sunday afternoon gorge fest!
On Tuesday I had steel cut oatmeal for breakfast and made my smoothie for lunch BUT my husband totally ruined my amazing self control and took me for a surprise lunch at one of my favorite Italian restaurants! Grrrrr…. Well it goes without saying that I had pasta… with cream… and loads of cheese…. and a basket of bread. Aaaaaaaah! It was SO AMAZING!!! I did stop myself from having dessert though, so I was very proud of myself! Well, I punished that pasta later that day by doing over 19k steps on our daily hike! Woot woot!
Today I had my oatmeal in the morning and my smoothie for lunch, but got so carried away by re organizing the house (we started in on the garage! Jeez, does anyone want a bunch of RE memorabilia?!) that by the time we got on our hike it was late and I could only manage a measly 9k steps -which got me kind of mad- before taking my daughter to Tae Kwon Do. We don’t get home from class until 7pm which is already on the late side for me to eat and I was already so exhausted that I didn’t have the energy to cook anything and had a big bowl of chicken soup with soba noodles and a piece of whole wheat toast for dinner. Then I thought “Man, I haven’t posted anything this week! I have to do that or I’m not really doing a good job with my #fooddiary!”
So there you go! My week in a nutshell! Oh, I also did something SO RAD this week! I met with this amazing woman named Monica Ford, she owns a company called “Real Food Devotee” who delivers home made, nutrient dense food to your doorstep here in Los Angeles and I asked her to give me a lesson in making home made baby formula! How cool is that?! I have to say, I was so intimidated by the process when I saw it done by Sarah Pope online, what with using raw milk and making your own whey, but Monica showed me how to make it with pasteurized milk and I actually made my own whey, which is SO EASY! You just take plain yogurt, put it in a cheesecloth in a strainer, hang that in a pot and stick it in your fridge for the night! Voila! perfect whey tomorrow morning and you can use the cheese that’s left over to make a kick ass cream cheese or let it dry out more to make everything from cottage cheese to farmer’s cheese! I’m so excited about it!
I love the idea of raw milk, but I would just personally be super worried about giving it to my infant, especially when I don’t milk the cow myself! lol! If I lived on a farm or near a farm and knew the people doing it, no problem, but living in the city, I just feel like you’re better safe than sorry… Anyway, the home made whey has so many enzymes in it and you put probiotics in as well. It’s just full of so much good stuff and the difference between that and powdered formula is like… well, like the difference between feeding your child skittles or giving them a piece of fruit! Just a world apart.
I wanted to learn how to make it because with my daughter, I could only nurse for 4 months before I started working again and between one thing and another, my milk just dried up really quickly at which point I gave her powdered formula. I will definitely be making this for my new baby when I finish nursing and I will also post a video of myself making it so any mom who is interested can do it too! If you’re worried about feeding your baby standard American formula (which is not surprising, cause its gross) like I am -and I really regret not doing more research at the time my daughter was born, but hey! I thought for sure I would be able to nurse her myself with no problems. Anyway, you live and you learn- here are some links to a few European and Australian companies who really make much higher quality products for newborns to drink:
and the best brand here in the US seems to be:
Now I’ve done a whole bunch of research about this and these are the sites that I PERSONALLY like the most and what I would give my own children, so please make your own judgment!
Well there you go! Sorry this post is so long and thank you for your patience reading it! I will probably try and keep my #fooddiary update like twice a week, because everyday was getting overwhelming for me! lol! All the best! -m #‎countdowntodelivery #‎millaskitchen‬ #fooddiary

Above all contents reprinted from Milla Jovovich