Final Fantasy XIV:STORMBLOOD・紅蓮の解放者

Final Fantasy XIV:STORMBLOOD・紅蓮の解放者 will be release in early summer 2017!
This expansion patch 4.0 teaser trailer really makes me blood boiling! lol
No doubt we'd intended to let audiences can not extricate themselves to watch this works from start to finish as the works had re-edited and endued more powerful Taiko music in it.
I guarantee you would repeat watch it again and again when you start to click the play button. Enjoy! (Of course, look forward to the expansion patch release lol)

- Archer -

Final Fantasy XIV 2017:STORMBLOODの解

A fan made trailer Final Fantasy XIV:STORMBLOOD・紅蓮の解放者

Images Editor personaarcher & Edward

Background Music Remix by personasnowvilliers

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