Pacific Rim Uprising / 環太平洋 2:環球戰隊・殞落之章

Pacific Rim Uprising / 環太平洋 2:環球戰隊・殞落之章 / パシフィック・リム アップライジング:終焉の章  our latest film MV project. Yep, it's Pacific Rim Uprising, the newest global release robotic theme movie. Fuck the video views! Who cares!? Even if you kill me, before the movie out of theaters that I'll never post true title on YouTube video of the project. I'll keep to mislead it in all aspects. pfft!

Undoubtedly I put the best background music and clips in our Pacific Rim Uprising / 環太平洋 2:環球戰隊・殞落之章 / パシフィック・リム アップライジング:終焉の章 MV! Yes, it's true Pacific Rim Uprising MV, so I must to repeat the fucking title again!

About the MV, if you enjoyed our previous Pacific Rim project then you'll never need to hesitate! Simply click the thumbnail and watch! I guarantee you will be fucking hype up!

With regard to the film and box office, we should clearly know that it never get win win results. No need too much crap, right? No Charlie Hunnam the storyline would surely collapse. Put the high level scenes of Robots and Monsters battles aside, Pacific Rim Uprising not only the film clips editing was so rough but also the story ending sucks.

Personal thoughts though, if the film companies continue to ignore US Domestic Box Office market to make no sense product placement contents and actors altering that make sure will be the next Transformers case. Be honest with yourself.

Okay, enough is enough lol Enjoy our Pacific Rim Uprising MV! ☕️ See you next project!🤘- Snorre & Archer

Pacific Rim Uprising / 環太平洋 2環球戰隊殞落之章

 A fan made MV Pacific Rim Uprising / 環太平洋 2:環球戰隊・殞落之章 / パシフィック・リム アップライジング:終焉の章

 Images & Background Music Edited by personaapollo personasnowvilliers of Persona Group

 Original Music (Ulfhednar / Ivar's Revenge) by Danheim
 Remixed by Snorre

 Posted by Archer



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