Final Fantasy XV:Episode Duscae Demo Review Part IV

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Behemoth: Boss Fight 2
With an one hit of Ramuh, the Behemoth was burnt to death...
This is the most powerful Ramuh I have ever seen. It is worth seeing!

Completion of Main Quest
I got a money and went to see Cindy again.
Finally Prompto tried to hit on her, but also dumped. And the shy boy who is giggling by looking at that scene.
(Awwwwww I love them too much ♥♥♥)

After playing the game, I changed my image of Noct. I like him more!
Gradio is pretty good and Prompto is kawaii. Ignis is actually funny.

They took the car and headed to a next destination.
This is the end of the demo. I felt that this demo is promising enough to the full ver XD

(Flame Roasted Toast... How can it be enough for guys, Ignis? lol)

Thank you for reading! (^ω^)

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