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 In  another three weeks, Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII will be released! After this post, our related follow-up articles would become a lot of spoilers for West visitors. Sorry about that...
After all, we'll early get the game in the East, and also cannot self-restraint to publish the whole thing... so welcome to enjoy with us! Just know the game's ending and details more earlier than the other people 3 months, that's not a big deal, right?

Oerba Yun Fang ヲルバ=ユン・ファング

God also from the inner, no... is using Vanille as a tool. If you have being, and then you might think so.


Fang's awakening was a dozen years before Lightning Returns story begins.
When Fang initially woke up, she was in the Salvation Academy with Vanille.
But she left Vanille and alone went to find the holy treasure which is sleeping in the ruins of the Dead Dunes.  Fang joined a Desert Bandits which called Monoculus / 砂漠の盗賊団 モノキュラス. However, she became the chief...


Lawless Town Ruffian

The only one Oasis in the Dead Dunes: Ruffian

Underground Labyrinth of the Dead Dunes

The strange device, Only the Savior can start it...

United front with Fang



In the Battle of Lightning Returns, basically is Lightning fights with enemies alone. But, in search of the underground labyrinth of the Dead Dunes, Fang will fight with us together.


When Fang is looking for the holy treasure, she seems not the only one who is aiming for the holy treasure... The holy treasure is? and who plan to scramble the holy treasure with Fang?

聖宝を探して奔走するファング。だが、聖宝を狙っているのはファングだけではないようだ。聖宝とは!? そしてそれを狙う者とは!?

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Persona Group 2nd corps members are 
Jake & Sherry 
Yama & Harlock
and Edward

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The Strongest Monster The Last One

The Last One, the pink Skeleton monster.  After Lightning done beaten all limited number of individual monster species, she will face - The Last One - the most powerful, dangerous and difficult version of specific monster.

About Escape

In game Normal mode, use ability Escape will mandatory deduction / consumed one hour of game time. So, before we start to complete the tasks, the attempt in the battle to find the balance between "keep alive" and "get rare items" is the primary prerequisite.

Alright, for the West, there are Caius, Yeul, Serah and Sazh still not any high quality render or details coming up yet...  Look forward to Square Enix publish more follow-up news.

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