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Guardians! It got my attention, but more reserved to wait and see its box office because the budget not vast production enough as Marvel or DC universe. Still, it's not my point though lol
First of all, can be seen our editors very enjoyed this 6+ project. Compared with recently Hollywood hero movies vying an overture to reach 18+ rated, this upcoming Russian film really more delight alot.
After we watched its trailers, we liked alot, so leisurely made another versions which we prefer.
Here, I also regift the works as tribute to our blog Russian visitors. (Thanks recently visit here of Russian friends.)
Enjoy! For the 6+ film, our trailer works are very good after all! lol

- Archer -

Guardians:The Last Hope・Защитники

Fan made for 6+ FMV Guardians:The Last Hope・Защитники / 守護者:蘇聯超級英雄

Images & Music Editor personasnowvilliers

Revision personaapollo

Music Source Audiomachine

Guardians:Soviet Union Superheroes・Защитники

Fan made for 6+ FMV Guardians:Soviet Union Superheroes・Защитники / 守護者:蘇聯超級英雄

Images & Music Editor personasnowvilliers

Music Source Denis Surov

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