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Time goes so fast... I met Mo0nX / Michael 2 years already. (If you feel unfamiliar or don't know Mo0nX yet, you can reference reading below posts about him.)
Watching his art works keep growing, finally now he created a Patreon page. Different from DeviantART commission kind, that mean he finally start to another stage of 3D artist road.
Some time ago, when Thomas J. Bergersen birthday, he told his fans that "I make money for music, not make music for money". I suddenly understand why he won fans with his music.
(However, regardless of make money for art/music or make art/music for money, it still decided by fans support or not.)
For now, I'm only glad that Michael able to two-pronged approach run his career with his hobby, which is the most happiness, isn't it?
Now let's see his latest works, if you're interested in his work, sincerely welcome visit his website!

Recently Mo0nX DeviantART Works

Snow Villiers, my favorite one of Mo0nX's Commission works

Original Character

Atrox:The General Of Destruction
(Human Form Version)

(Demon Form Version)

Sky WatcherAt the limit of an Angel

Calix:Refused into assassin

Adult Works Preview

(Of course there are more lower version... in his Patreon XD)

Last, I sincerely wish his career smooth sailing! and
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Michael! Have a wonderful one - 2015/9/4 Jesse

Mo0nX DeviantID

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Mo0nX DeviantART Commission Info:
Hello there. This is my commission price list. It's made very simple .
If you want anything it's calculated based of the list below . For example 1 portrait would be 10$ + if you want extra stuff within there is just a small charge that it's added bellow . Not more than 10$ to add something within the scene as u can see : )

Portraits - 10$ or 1000 :points: Example :
Hazel Selfie by Mo0nX

Torso and Up - 15$ or 1500 :points: Example :

Fullbody - 25$ or 2500 :points: Example :

Explicit - 35$ or 3500 :points: Example :
Wakey Wakey |Summer has come| by Mo0nX

Extra characters within the scene 10$
Detailed interior 5- 10$ depending on the interior
I prefer payment through Paypal



Photoshop Stamp by mushirBlender user by DS-DNAXNALara user stamp by Acidic-SaurianNVIDIA Stamp by ChexyTimeI Love DAZ3D Stamp by ilovedaz3dplz
:Gay Rights: by Minty-HippoLove is love by PunakettuOpen your Mind Stamp by quazoNo h8 stamp by Mo0nXLove by Ishdakitty

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am - Michael -

Favorite visual artist Petit Madame - SumireHaikuXNA
Favorite movies Rise the planets of the apes . The Avengers. Thor .Iron man(all). Resident evil (all) . Your highness. Prometheus. Alien vs Predator (all) . The air binder. Twilight (all). The lord of the rings triology . Man of steel . Spiderman (all) .
Favorite TV shows Supernatural. True blood . Spartacus. Game of Thrones. Banshee. Charmed . Naruto . Dragon Ball Z. Slayers Favorite bands / musical artists Combichirst. Noisia . Red . Disturbed . Lady gaga. Linkin Park . Crematory.
Favorite books I prefer movies over books.
Favorite writers Runiharu
Favorite games Dead space 2 . Devil may cry . Resident Evil. Heroes 6. Metal Gear rising revange. Perfect world . League of Legends. Darksiders 1-2 . Castlevania 2. Shadow of Mordor .NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst
Favorite gaming platform Dreamhack
Other Interests Drawing , Photomanipulating, Working in 3D programs.

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