Final Fantasy XIV End of an Era

End Of An Era Full of Hope Prospect Edition

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Fantasia Fan Creations
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Heya! Whats up? lol It's Archer here today.
This works was the 1st one, after Jesse seclusion in Group's backstage for focused on creation.
Personally, I really love this project works! Every time I watch this works, it always makes my heart throbbing with excitement. 
This time, we made a very different feelings ending from the original Trailer, you also can compare the difference between them.
After you have finished watching these works, you will really enjoy in a realm reborn journey.

End Of An Era Cinematic Trailer

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Main Images Editors: personaapollo
Background music Mashup & Remix & Re-Edit: personasnowvilliers
Images Editing Director: personahyacinth

Final Fantasy XIV A New Beginning


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