Devil May Cry 4 Characters Performance music video Trilogy 3

Trilogy Finale

DMC Devil May Cry 4 : 
Dante Mission Fantasy  feat. Snow Villiers  

this trilogy 3 totally got blocked, copyright strikes and content id claims etc. problems on yt, its audio also being erased. originally i direct uploaded in here.  
but i had re-editing its background music and uploaded on yt again!
and the results was not too bad, only got a 3rd party contact... actually fkn yt webmaster even get wrong which song's version that i used with our works...  so this 3rd party contact also is fucking wrong!

in this trilogy all creations, this one is the best! 
created by me, my noel and personacyparissus 
rap performance: Dante
motorcycle show: Snow
enjoy it!

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Devil May Cry 4 Characters Performance music video Trilogy 2

DMC Devil May Cry 4 Nero Mission Fantasy 2:  
Dante Communication & Nero's Concentration 

This series Trilogy II is "Nero Mission Fantasy 2 Dante Communication & Nero's Concentration", 
It owned the longest word of name and video length of our group's all creations. (laughing) 
 personacyparissus had help me gave this works more high quality editing than Trilogy I.
Background music still by personasnowvilliers re-editing NAMIE AMURO's works.
He'd mashup more Rock and Electronic music elements in this works. 

Thanks for watching & Enjoy it!

Dante Sparda Image Created by OFF RECORD / Rae

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