8th Trivial Project:Penny Dreadful・Symphony of the Night

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First of all, I make sure that our works is absolutely outstanding as always.
But asked me to write an article for this project that's really drove me crazy!
Unlike John Constantine Project, Penny Dreadful not only simply introduced, but also had made video - Penny Dreadful・Symphony of the Night.

In all fairness, the film's experience is difficult to express clearly in an essay.
Apart from the entire film taboo large scale is filled with gloomy, treacherous atmosphere, bloody, violence, dark horror and licentious excesses hybridization sex between in Werewolf, Eternal man, Frankenstein and Vampire etc.
Of course the structure of the story itself also has some worth watching.

In fact, Penny Dreadful got ratings 8.4/10 from IMDb users. (Ending on statistics for the Season 1) But it got negative reviews are also many.
(Actually, most members didn't like the show...)
Only can say, even if it's popular applause but still not match up everyone.

The works - Penny Dreadful・Symphony of the Night edited from Season 1 Episode 4 scenes.
Josh Hartnett and Reeve Carney's superb performance really for Season 1 to bring the topic and climax. (Personally, I prefer Eva green more)
Last, I have to say If we can't take our works to a whole set goals and ideals, we will not do it.
I'm sure that Penny Dreadful・Symphony of the Night will bring the most blazing emotional to you!
After watching our works, hopefully you're also interested in the show.

- Jacinthe -

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Penny Dreadful・Symphony of the Night
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