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happy new year!
since i got this trailer 1st copy, we immediately start into its production process!
yeah, less than 1 hour to finish it... what can i say? the result seems not too bad! as always i say, my noel is the best, hahaha
personally thoughts, vergil looks more cool than new dante!
one more thing, vergil dlc is limited edition. (数量限定特典: limited bonus or limited quantities special offer click... blah blah blah whatever u call! i dont know, my japanese is sucks! hahaha)
anyway if u ready plan to get vergil dlc, must be quickly! ok, enjoy!

(for the last pic- a ball and a spray paint can? hahaha jas, wtf is that? where did u get it?)

Hate And Booze

DmC Devil May Cry Hate And Booze
Vergil Worldwide Trailer Edition

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Hate And Booze Gameplay Trailer

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