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merry xmas 

Joyeux Noël ... yeah! my noel! hahaha

- Snow Villiers - posted on Dec 24

Joyeux Noël Merry Christmas! :D

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 24th December

merry x'mas

assassin forever! =D

- Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad -posted on Dec 24

Merry 'Xmas to All & Best Wishes!

- Hope Estheim - posted on 24th Dec


- Archer Hyur - posted on December 23

Thank you so much for stay by my side in these years.
I know more tears still can't bring you back.
I thought I should have no tears anymore... but I cried for you now.
You're my last soul connection, my only family...
Wait for me, please...
When I walked to the end of my life and we will meet again.

CoBo 1998 - 2012 perpetuate the memories forever 

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 16th December

Lazn's Newest Works

Lazn finally published his newest works What Remains! 
It's a very sweet works with 2 pairings: Noel & Serah and Snow & Lightning.
Lazn used his newest scenes of Noel & Serah combination with his favorite earlier scenes of Snow & Lightning. Take his Artefact Lazn and Enjoy!


- Persona Group Plus - posted on 8th December

Eli / Darkvuka...
A gentle Spanish guy... We met just a few months on YouTube.
I always remember you were the first one who had greetings my birthday in this year.
Why you didn't listen to me... Close account it will never be a fighting way in the internet.
Since now, every time I see this image I'll be thinking of you...

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 6th December

Lazn's kawaii Message
Below message is Lazn reply to me yesterday.

Lazn needs holidays and sleeep! i have a lot of exams and projects >__________________<

... ... ...
So... Lazn would be disappear for a while... _
I bet, he certainly is secretly conduct a lot of projects but do not let me know... 
Persnickety Lazn... ﹁_﹁

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 5th December

According to statistics, our blog 90% visitors from the United States and Taiwan.
We are very honored and Thank you for your appreciation!
Also welcome more different countries visitors to our blog.
Thanks again!
Wishes to you all the best!

- Archer Hyur - posted on 30th November

Lazn is Missing again... I sincerely hope his everything would be ok... *sigh*

- Hope Estheim - posted on 25th Nov.

Grateful from the Heart
You always treat me so nice and gentle.
Since we met, I never see you ask anyone for something or someone in public...
I have nothing return to your feelings, Thank you so much, my dearest Snorre ~_~

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 25th Novenber

Persona Group World Blog all works upgrade completed!
Finally... today, Archer and I let all the works has been upgraded to high-quality videos! ;D
So long road we had been through... ;0
Welcome visitors and feel free enjoy them! ;')

Waaa  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ sprinkling stars to my dear Darling*:・゚✧
and Persona Group forever xD *:・゚✧

Also sincerely wish to visitors all the Best! Seeya :D

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 23th Novenber

The Rise of a new Project of the Storm
Dante and Nero Created by Lazn

Thank Lazn very much!  
I never thought this beautiful crystal project could be come true!
Thanks again for your beautiful gift!
I'm not afraid if our works content includes adult taboo or not... I only want to create the most Blazing Aestheticism of works. I will be with you to create more beautiful projects. I really like making videos ;)

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 4th Novenber

Chamber of Secrets Updated!
During Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow Villiers and Noel Kreiss Hidden Paradox Endings: Lost Poems series Season 1 completed, Season 2 projects also under construction.
And the ultimate masterpiece Top Secret Event II is the special features of the Chamber of Secrets.
Story still to be continued...
Visitors are welcome! 

- Hope Estheim - posted on 4th Nov.

  I died.★★★★★ - Lazn

Thank Lazn for your affirmation! I'm so happy! ;') 

 - Noel Kreiss - posted on 2nd Novenber 

Projects for gradually updated works
Based on July 2012 for YouTube accounts monetization platform system,
the YouTube site administrator is more stringent detection about video copyright so our some works are necessary to improve the level.

gradually updated works including:
Don't Tell Dante Trilogy series, DmC Devil May Cry Characters Performance series and Castlevania series.
Stay Tuned and Thanks for Watching

DmC Final Fantasy GIF works Created by personaapollo

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 17th Oct

Looking forward to the new fabrication of my secret projects:

I'm really full of wishes for my secret projects... It's the most aesthetic crystals in my dreamland.
Thank you so much, Lazn.

Enjoy my first GIF works XD

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 10th October

combination creations business update notice:
after rigorous evaluation and discussion, unless with the prior perfectly outstanding planning and best scenes, otherwise we won't do final fantasy combo creations.
if any viewer interested lazn's works, can enjoy with his blog and wish lazn's career be smooth sailing.

- Persona Group - posted on 5th Oct


Newest test Incubus Noel for HolloweenLazn would has more Demon cosplay characters!?
Werewolf Snow? or Vampire Caius? XD

Incubus Noel Created by Lazn

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 1st October


Newest test about rendering men's body hair

Model Guest Stars: Snow Villiers and Noel Kreiss

Created by Lazn

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 16th September

Special thanks to my YouTube subscriber Eli / Darkvuka
Even if just simple words, I still feel happiness for your blessing. Thanks again!

 - Noel Kreiss - posted on 5th Sep

Happy Birthday!
Yeah! Today is our group editor personaapollo Jesse's Lunar Birthday! 
Group all members give the best wishes! (Probably leader is the happiest flower guardian) Lol

- Archer Hyur - posted on 3rd Sep

Hint in everywhere
It just posted on each video's directly below. This is too obvious *laughter*

- Hope Estheim - posted on 2nd Sep

TEST Sample of Private Videos:
Persona Group
Copy above words then Paste it to Enter

Oh Yeah! Done a lot of  Business! lol
Finally, I make Persona Group got rid of YouTube copyright and Blog video low quality problems!
Presents to you the most high quality Snow and Noel's Paradox Endings creations in our Chamber of Secrets page.
(I think, that password should be not a problem, right? Lol)

- Archer Hyur - posted on 31th August

Person Group and Lazn newest works series is starting to produce! Lazn's animation standards is more and more high level. Persona Group's Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow and Noel series season II also is preparing for. You can look forward to our newest combination of project series! Good day.

Nora's house design of Persona Group & Lazn Newest Projects

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 26th August

Just a Mistake...
It's 21th August, not 5th August... I... 

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 19th August

I missed a nice YouTube friend's birthday on 5th August...
Apédémak / 8Apedemak8. My best wishes for you, although it already late 2 weeks. 
Next year I won't be late *a hug* 

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 18th August

TEST Report
I'm working on video screen size update of each post,
Try to make them more perfect... Soon would be complete.

- Archer Hyur - posted on 15th August

Lazn had been missing for nearly a week... We still can't contact him.
Hope he well.

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 10th August

Website Update!
Persona Group World Changed website, New website link is:

- Archer Hyur - posted on 8th August

Group Upgrade!
The future is always unpredictable but fail projects never defeated us...
We're only seeking for no leave a regret.

- Archer Hyur - posted on 4th August

Group Bulletin
after 1st august, our group members because of the different policy concept we formally divided into two teams. 1st corps are original we 5 members - personasnowvilliers, personaapollo, personacyparissus, personahyacinth and personaarcher. we 1st corps only charge pg blog and our own yt accounts. 2 teams still support each other.

- Snow Villiers - posted on 28th July

Group Bulletin
After restructuring, the best Persona Group is back!
Our Blog contains the video games works are very diverse.
In addition to fan made original games works, we also created our original adaptation creations.
Do not be afraid or fear about our works content includes adult taboo. 
Our group works will be presented to you is only the most Blazing Aestheticism.

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 27th July  

Group Bulletin
we are very glad to create a fantastic series- final fantasy xiii-2 hidden paradox endings. in addition to the last 2 gaiden stories this series can say almost complete.
because of this series, my group editors already delay other important projects. so I have to declare all the functions of the suspension of group editors.
it's me, leader's bulletin. no more discuss space! if there is any dissident expelled from group.

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 16th July

Group Bulletin
Reboot the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hidden Mode Trilogy Finale part II project!
We're very glad to know that our partner got great results from his affairs.
Congratulate to Lazn!
Our combination projects will be continue.

Threesome sexual intercourse of Snow Villiers Guys gang rape Noel Kreiss Image Created by Lazn

Again and again, Snow Guys and Noel non-stop intercourse from midnight until dawn 

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 26th June

Group Bulletin
About the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hidden Mode Trilogy Finale part II project, As the partner's time scheduling may be unable to cooperate. Group's plan may extend indefinitely...
 We regret with apologies.

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 24th June

 Persona Group 1st corps members are

Persona Group 2nd corps members are
Jake & Sherry
Yama & Harlock
and Edward

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