Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part III

If you're a highest level professional Final Fantasy gamer, then you should know that there is only one best way to play Final Fantasy XV - straightly play the main story to the end and never ever touch any other side story until Chapter 15 shows. (I can hear Jesse san, Jas san and Sherry san's scream lol Lucky Archer damn...)
I always pride I'm a die hard Final Fantasy fan, but I have to admit it as I first time played it with root around too much caused couldn't full of enjoy Chapter 15... lol That's why I replayed it in this way which I mentioned above.

Final Fantasy Chapter 15 is a replay chapter after you finished main storyline of game once. After you roughly know the game subject in the first play about each character's role positioning and their own destiny, and then you can slowly taste essence of the game in Chapter 15.
Based on that, through Umbra's power traveling from Lucis to Altissia, along with each event I touched, I already full of tears in my eyes. Each character's statements and actions full of emotions and deeply hurt your heart in silence.

Gladio, regardless he was aware of Noct's fate is dead ending or not, never doubt he will follow Noct to the end. He always watch his king with affectionate gaze and protect Noct with his own life without hesitation.

 How complicated feelings in his turbulent heart when Noct answered him want to give up the king way in Chapter 10? Do you ever try the different answer option buttons? I never doubt Gladio will embrace Noct with his robust arms tightly if they have another choice for destiny... lol (I have to say that honestly choosing the answer from your heart in the game, you may be surprised.)

Ignis, he really can be called Noct's truely loyal friend, brother and family. He knew everything about Noct's mind no matter right or wrong but never spit it out. Different from Gladio's intense emotional expression, behind Ignis' serious words and deeds, his gentle feelings highly exceed Noct can imagine. After Chapter 9, we can completely understand that even if Noct may give up on him, Ignis still will support Noct until he suddenly see the light for the true meaning of the king.

Prompto, from the empire of Niflheim, every thought behind his words just so... girly innocent puppy (?) Can I say that? lol He's the most make me forget the feel of gaming, annoying and funny. (I will never ever admit his words and deeds reflected mine... ahhh I will cherish everyone who stand my capricious behavior since now *tears*)
From Chapter 3 to Chapter 13, Noct and Prompto cutscenes not only hint there is unspeakable secret of life experience about Prompto, but also Noct's tolerant love for him. And Gladio and Ignis' understanding, recognition and acceptance.
Put yourself in the ground, how Noct could stand an innocent juvenile surrounding him non-stop harass (?) as a puppy? In fishing, shopping or battle popping out nonsensical words? In Chapter 13, it's really the best bromance conversation that I've ever heard... gotcha! lol I have to say that's a very successful sentimental optimist character design.

Collect all Final Fantasy XV trailers 2013 ~ 2016 and demos if you could, I highly suggest. They're not only trailers but also prologue. E.g Pyrna's Death in Omen trailer, Regis' love for Noctis, his invisible true feelings of Father and Son not only shown in Chapter 0 but also in Dawn trailer, and even more Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV shown how his impossible wish Noctis and Luna could be together as his grateful words in the game ending.

Of course, you also can through the gameplay process to feel all emotions I described. I'm sure that you'll find a brand-new vision Final Fantasy XV world except enjoy the magnificent main story.
Not meant Final Fantasy XV no any shortcoming, I also hated bad camera vision, part of boring side quests, flying crush or lost in dungeons. But so many complaints as I heard simply personal whining and nonsense only for get attention, their opinions sounds like even there nothing wrong would forcing became everything wrong, that's so childish. I even lazy to mention in here.
If you have complained too many repeat game locations or storyline too short or relationship descriptions between characters too weak etc. Be honest, you played it in a wrong direction.

Last, recommend with true feelings of your heart to feel the saddest part between Noct, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto in their last camp scene. Between Regis to Noct their difference was Noct finally spoke out his true love for Gladio, Ignis and Prompto. Compare with Paw-Paw, obviously Noct would rest in peace without any regret. Again, if you complained Noct's true words misleading you into gay thought, that's really shame on you as never recognize the game meaning - Don't hide your true love feelings for intimate friends, brothers, family and anyone you beloved. Let them know. -

Moogle Chocobo Carnival Review by Moumuu

Final Fantasy XV:Moogle Chocobo Carnival with Carbuncle

Moogle Chocobo Carnival is now open! It will run through February 20.
Thanks to Warp Points and the skip button for Gondola, it is easy to move around X3
I completed the main quest of Carnival yesterday.
I had been thought this DLC might break the image of FFXV until yesterday, but it was not. The night show was very beautiful, and the conversation with Carbuncle makes me feel warm and fluffy.
However, it also makes me sad a bit. Probably because I know things that will happen to Noct in the future... (Anyway, poor Jesse san was most afraid of Carbuncle no happiness forever, tears for their chat of course lol - Jas)
Anyway, this main quest was impressive and lovely to me ;)

Moogle Chocobo Carnival Limited Stuffs

Kupoberry Cheesecake
Golden Chocobo Tart

Decal for Regalia

Leisure Goods
Howling Gust ... Rod, Def 110
Albireo ... Reel, Atk 245
Poppeck Tinselred Chocobo ... Lure
Mog Rank Rubygold Moogle ... Lure

Key Items
ChocoMog Medallions
Lodging Voucher
VIP Pass
Dream Egg
Seaside Scamper Trophy
Water Trotter Trophy
Runaway Chocochicks

...and a great view that you can only watch in this event!

How to get the leisure goods is Carnival Fishing.
My recommended lures are Big Blaze Bahamut and Stormer Focalor. Fish bite well!
The 2 trophies are Key Items that you receive for doing well in Chocobo Hoops.
I had a hard time getting them... I cannot make myself like Chocobo Hoops and Justice Monsters Five (=w=;)
I obtained almost all of limited items. Just a lure left!

Q & A

 Gianluca: Where did you get the ChocoMog ?

 Moumuu: I bought it at a Prize Counter. The vendor on the left sell it 😉

Update To Be Continued...

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