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Okay Moumuu san lol 
What actually all-rounder you are, Moumuu san? lol Now Group start to performance a Detective Conan small theater.
I'm really glad to know her not only a gameplayer and great video maker, but also is a cartoonist! Wow

In fact, we have been in speculation, because her drawing has a considerable basis! Maybe she used to be Manga Doujinshi artist(?)
I'm always surprised for Japanese manga hobbyist. Their manga career may not succeed but always write a glorious page in the Manga history. Tumblr, Pixiv or Japanese Blogs simply searching that always can find amazing Doujinshi works. (Maybe I found Moumuu's blog before(?) just I didn't know her(?) hehe)

Alright, meticulously recommended (again) Moumuu san to you!
Hope we'll dig more treasures from her in the future lol

Post & Article by Archer

Co-writers: Harlock & Jacinthe

FF13 のえるandすのー。と、右にもう1人います。 - Moumuu

Hi there. #Gomy is mascot of garbage disposing game called #TrashPanic. This game is hard but so fun! - Moumuu

Trash Panic Sweets Level 1 ECO

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Happy new year. Have a great one!
※UPしなおしました。 - Moumuu

Moumuu niconico:

Doing realistic, I did not feel right about drawing this game chara in same old pic. I like her pinkish design!!
Made this using #ClipStudioPaint which I DLed last month.
Fetch from #inFamous Second Son - Moumuu

Moumuu Google+:

To +Serah Farron . .:.+.*
H a p p y  B i r t h d a i e d !! Sorry I'm late! Always thank you for fun times! Hope this year brings you a lot of happiness and good :) -Moumuu
Serah & Moogle from FFXIII-2
Program : #GIMP
Background : http://goo.gl/tCs84m http://goo.gl/MRX1Es

The first idea : http://goo.gl/ZZkiHy
I dismissed it cuz it can hardly be said it is the happy image ( ; ˘▿˘) - Moumuu

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Kumanomics. - Moumuu

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