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After these days, I guess most players should completely finished FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・RPG part 1. But some gamers may just roughly finished as a few people had asked the administrator to release guard walkthrough.
So here I highlight some crucial spots, hope to really help you guys 100% enjoy the game.


First of all, after met Males Hybridized Ifrit and began adventure in the game as wandering in The Dying World, there is a trap when you get first one Males Filthy Mating's Thick-Stinky Mucus SV after defeated 1st Thick-Stinky Mating Filth FFXIII. The item's special efficacy is provoking 2nd Thick-Stinky Mating Filth FFXIII debut. If you randomly used it in the normal battle, well then... you have to restart playing (Why the creator did that!? I was speechless too lol).


Basically, while you followed Notes to play the game and made correct choices that would very delightful enjoying the Werewolf storyline (Total 1 CG, 1 MV and 1 cutscene).
Just take heed of visiting Acheron Warriors again after defeated 2nd Thick-Stinky Mating Filth FFXIII.
And then, after Bestial-like Hybridizing Mating with Males Hybridized Ifrit, you must to accept its very first time ask for visiting Males Hybridized Mating Lair immediately!


After The Brown-Haired Juvenile has been Infinite Lustful Gang-Raped and Beastly Hybridized as Mated with Males Hybridized Werewolves, while wandering and first time chatting with Gangsta Snow and Males Hybridized Ifrit and asking if you wanna leave, you must to flatteringly adulatory refuse them as you completely Enamoured with their Colossī Cocks Fuck alot!
'Til now, you should get key items here;
Filth Cloth / Ifrit's Thick-Stinky Filthy Mating Keepsake SV / Werewolf's Thick-Stinky Filthy Mating Keepsake NK / Ifrit's Thick-Stinky Filthy Semen Scent Fundishi in order to unlock the last key item Ragnarok.

In my opinion I think the 2nd time Boss Battle with Males Hybridized Ifrit was both hilarious and entertaining but also most time-consuming. Males Hybridized Werewolves complete storyline also was the best highlight spot (Aww I love the game so much lol)!

 Funny Event during the time that Double Summon lol

OK! Hope my Notes will be able to help you guys.
Enjoy 💕 - Jas

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