Pacific Rim:Jaeger vs Kaiju 環太平洋・華納戰隊:第一戰

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This summer is really too hot... unusually hot weather...
My head only remain Robots and Kaiju fighting images, because I really need a dynamic rhythm of the project! I'm very glad and proud for did it! Wherever you watched Pacific Rim or not, after watched my works, I'm sure that you'll love it if you like Robots.
Besides, Charlie Hunnam also is so hot... hahaha

Mentioned hot weather, in addition to Green House Effect and ENSO, that also remind me sincerely hope Argentina people can save the polar bear Arturo in the zoo Mendoza!
You guys must don't know that we just Google the key words - polar bear and can see the poor Arturo in the front page immediately!
Don't let the football game make you guys lost minds, ok? Save him, please! It's the whole world polar bears' wishes!!!

Back to the topic...
(hot weather make me have a bad temper... sorry

Anyway, the sequel Pacific Rim 2 is scheduled to April 7, 2017 release! I'm sure that will be a trilogy at least, because this movie is too epic!
I'm so look forward to it, and it's really worth to wait! And also hope viewers would enjoy my works! Robots action movie hooray!

Pacific Rim: Jaeger vs Kaiju
環太平洋・華納戰隊: 第一戰

Pacific Rim: Jaeger vs Kaiju / 環太平洋・華納戰隊: 第一戰 / パシフィックリム・ワーナー戦隊: ファーストクラス

Images, Sound Effects, Characters Lines & Background Music Editors:
personacyparissus, personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth

Music source:
Skybreaker & ProofSound

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Article by Jesse
Co-writers: Sherry & Jacinthe

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Last, thanks to you viewers spend valuable time reading my words if you did.
This time I didn't talk about this project details too much because I always eager for encourages too much but rarely get my goals.
Only remain in my mind is - I never forget the feeling of happiness for making videos process.
People and Time gave me so many revelations and what they taught me about lies... I will never become them but I will never forget.

- Jesse -

Bonus Track:

Pacific Rim Let's Go Fishing

Pacific Rim: Let's Go Fishing 環太平洋・華納戰隊

Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot
San Diego Comic-Con

環太平洋・華納戰隊駕駛員 在聖地亞哥動漫展

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