Personal Leisure Creation ● The Jungle Book 2016:Leaving・Million Reasons

Simply a thought wanna edit a music trailer for the movie without any reason (but the title was Million Reasons lol).
I chose Lady GaGa's song - Million Reasons from her latest album just because it seemed very suit the movie clips in some other emotional ways.
If I have the honor as you enjoyed my works, then you would understand what I mean.

Since I joined the Group years (my English improved a lot ), maybe other members and my thoughts keep growing with the time goes by, we seem not so focus on popular projects anymore.
Or maybe the mature feelings impacting me, I only follow my pace to enjoy each process of projects and no any views pressure. I think that's why Lady GaGa's songs start to get my attention lately... (I'm not GaGa fan lol)

The Jungle Book 2016:Leaving・Million Reasons edited with 2 parts from emotional feeling into intense action with powerful jungle drums rhythm.  
I'm sure that you'll be pleased in this 3 minutes of the works.
Enjoy and see you next project! - Sherry -

The Jungle Book 2016LeavingMillion Reasons

A fan made MV The Jungle Book 2016:Leaving・Million Reasons / ジャングル・ブック 2016:さまようの心・百万の理由 / 叢林之書漂泊的心百萬個理由 / 정글 도서 2016

Images Editor Sherry

Music Remix & Sound Effects Editors Yama & Harlock

Music Source Epic Tribal Drums by Matthew L. Fisher / Lady GaGa's Million Reasons cover by Kenon

The Jungle Book 2016:Leaving・Million Reasons Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved by the owners. NO copyright infringement intended & commercial profit-making purposes!

 Posted by Edward