Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part VII

In fact, I originally sure this game already fucked up as it published a boring childish 5th Timed Quest - Fishing.
Fishing??? We're more than 20-year-old adults as waited the game a decade already! How the fuck would play a waste time crap like that?
Okay, I won't complain it anymore as I disliked and skipped it.

Level 130 Tyraneant x 4! Yeah, that's the real so-called fucking Timed Quest! Fishing fuck off! pfft
First of all, this time we guess there is a high probability to get the doll of Wind-up Lord Vexxos!

Any tip to get it? What can I say? Simply brutal attack without mercy until the end (I'm always obsessed for this level lol).
I'm very surprised while I was playing as well as it's showing up so easily. Anyway, this task may difficult a little for some gamers. (or not so hard actually... at least I think.) But it's really worth as a very great opportunity to earn rare item!

Here, I only be able to talk briefly about the task need to pay attention points.

Team Up With Ignis

Necessary Techniques Ascension Overwhelm

DDS Attack (Feat Phantom Swords Link Attack)

Necessary Weapon Greatswords

Cursecast Magic And Mega Recover Items

Spend Time: About 20~25 minutes

Basically, difficult part is keeping team members all alive but 4 versus 4 also is fair. And Tyraneants are very kind as all four of them never together fight you. (But it doesn't mean they won't Sneak Attack.) Just keep calm to notice screen shows the button tip and defeat them one by one.   Before of all, remember mushroom dishes to avoid getting bad status.
Overall, the task is both pleasant and strategic. But AI couldn't handle the attack invalid situation as support characters again and again made attack mistakes that's really annoying.
Alright, it's a timed mission after all. So, right on time to enjoy it before the deadline. More details update soon, stay tuned. - Aetos

 Posted by Edward

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