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Yes... It's Our Land, We'll Fight For It.

Noel Kreiss I have no Xbox One or Xbox 360 XD But I cut this editing so well (─‿‿─)

Snow Villiers haha original music overpowered by phantom power, but this version is unique here! yeah, only by me! thats hero doing

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad sound effects counting on me of course, i absolutely let it coolest! i'm the lord of assassins after all.

Serah Farron It's a popular game anyway... Its range also out of my knowledge, so let me take a break for article lol You guys feel free to write what you got, seeya

Archer Hyur WTF I watched! I love the game! But this video is so COOL lol Love it!!! I may more love the video than the game lol No post writing this time? Alright, summer is about the end anyway, see you guys next round lol

Snow Villiers Group Terminus here! and  Snow Villiers my 2nd account haha follow the hero all the way!

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Bjomolf Wolfer don't forget Bjomolf... the lonewolf

Edward Kenway So ... Random... HAHAHAHAHA

Chris Redfield i love this video a lot! oook next project i'm in

- Harlock -

Piers Nivans I told you it's very cool x) Next project is awesome too!

- Yama -


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Sherry Birkin AHHH Super! Jesse san xoxo Next work I'll do my best!

Jake Muller shall we dance?

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