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Ms. Mr.H

Remember we once introduced an amazing artist  - MeMe13 / xTh13teeNx?

This time, we want to give her a surprise (maybe not so surprised lol).
Because she's always generous to share her masterpiece without asking for anything to us.

This post content, we not only introduced her recent high-quality works and featured her latest short story series, but also give a little gift for her. (hope she'll like our works)

Last, I would like to wish her career smooth sailing! Best Wishes
If you are interested in her works, welcome to visit her DeviantART page!


- Sherry -

Short Story

A Normal Day

Long time serving in the military made him a creature of habit. Chris didn't even think when the alarm went off now. He just sat up, turn off the alarm, planted his feet on the floor, and started walking toward bathroom like everything was on auto-pilot.

However, this habit witnessed a small change recently, when the alarm went off, he would usually find a still sleeping Piers snuggled comfortably against his body. He would turn off the alarm and sat up as quietly as possible.
Chris loved to watch the tranquil expression on the sniper's face while he was asleep. That childish innocence often escaped other others' eyes underneath his calm and collected posture, therefore Chris considered this moment his own personal treasure.

"Hmm..." a drowsy moan slipped out of Piers' lips, not bothering opening his eyes, the sniper stretched his arms and rolled over.

"Morning, ace." Chris caressed his jaw with the back of his fingers.

Piers murmured something that sounded like "morning", hazel eyes opened, soon a smile crawled up his face.
Chris couldn't help but letting out a chuckle as he leaned in to give the sniper a morning kiss.

Piers reached up to feel the captain's firm muscle flexing in his palms, "Why do you always wake up so early? We are only fifteen minutes away from the base, cap."

"Old habits... they die hard." Chris lowered his body to prolong the kiss, now that they were pressing against each other.

"I guess we can use the extra time for something more...productive." Piers rested his hands on the captain's buttock, that drowsy look was long gone, a seductive grin took its place. Six thirty in the morning, no need to hurry.

In boot camp, Piers had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, followed by a series of ruthless physicals, something that the new recruits were under going right now. This moment just seemed even more precious when he thought about those dreadful cold winter mornings.
"Hmm..." he moaned while Chris was pleasing him with his devilish lips and tongue, "I could get used to waking up early to *this*"
"I'll say..." Chris returned to his eye level, kissing him again. His beard was longer in the morning, and it sometimes tickled Piers, not that he complained.
He definitely considered the captain's fondness for morning cuddling a pleasant surprise. Their kissing and touching wouldn't always lead to carnal activities like this one, nevertheless, each of their morning sessions was a melody that sang on its own.
On the back of his mind, Piers knew that they would not have enough time for a decent breakfast today, but that was the lease of his concern right now.

On weekdays, they took separate showers now, because shower together proved to be a bad idea... well, bad for business anyway.
Chris was an old-fashioned guy, even his toiletry items reflected that - just a handful of basic tools that seemed somewhat outdated, especially compared to Piers' various electronic tooth-cleaning "thingamabobs" (Piers: "Thingamabobs?").
He trimmed his beard with a pair of scissors while it was Piers' turn to use the shower. The sniper's electric razor was charging silently in the corner, till today, Chris still looked at it as some sort of abomination. He had a set of his father's old school shaving gear at idle, straight razor and the sort. Piers used to make fun of those antique tools, but he started to grew fond of them after Chris worked the magic once.

"Sit very still." Chris brushed a generous amount of lather over Piers' face and neck.

"You're the one with the razor." Piers smiled a bit, and held his breath.

Sharp blade shaved through the silky cream, leaving a trail of soft smooth skin. Chris making such a delicate manure was indeed a rare sight, Piers immediately decided this should be a regular thing.

"We should have done this a lot more earlier, captain." he felt his clean shaven skin with his finger tips.

"I told you this was better than your electronic ones." a cocky grin on his face, Chris wiped the extra foam off his lover's face and turned towards the the basin. Piers stopped his action, took the razor from his hand and placed it on the counter.

 "We can clean this later..." he cradled the captain's jaw, showing his gratitude with a passionate kiss. His lips still tasted like shaving cream, but Chris didn't mind at all.

"Have you been staring at the handsome fella in the mirror the whole time?" Piers came out of the shower, teasing him.

"I'll stop now that I have something else to stare at." Chris gave him a once over. Piers threw his towel into the laundry basket and joined Chris in front of the mirror.

Their morning routine was marked with military efficiency with occasional jokes.

"What time is it now?" Piers rubbed a drop of hair wax in his palms, giving his hair a final touch, "are we going to be late?"

"Not if we eat our breakfast in the car." Chris put everything they used back in place, another habit formed in military, "let's roll."

Piers threw their identical bags into the backseat and drove their car into the driveway. Chris followed him out with two traveling mugs and a paper bag in his hands. Chris locked the door behind them and took the passenger seat.

Toast?Chris reached into the paper bag, "sorry I didn't have time to put peanut butter and jelly on them."

"That's fine." Piers turned his head slightly, but still kept his eyes on the road, "I think our morning hours were well spent." He opened his mouth as Chris slide the corner of the bread between his lips.
Piers made a "thank you" sound with the bread in between his teeth.

He moved in months ago, both expected some bumps at the beginning, but everything just fell into places so naturally, partners' perks.

"Hey~ captain, Piers." Andy was sitting on the bench in their locker room, already fully dressed, "thought you two weren't gonna make it. Spent some morning quality time, ain't we?"
"Is this how you talk to your captain?" Chris frowned at him. He looked especially intimidating when he was frowning and speaking in a lower voice.
"I'm sorry, sir." Andy jumped up from his seat, voice trembling, "I was just...kidding..."
Chris stared at him. The entire locker room went into complete silence. Piers slowly hovered his hand over Chris' shoulder, trying to calm him down. Just when his hand was about to touch Chris, the latter suddenly burst into laughter, not soon after, others joined him.
"Relax, I was just messing with you." Chris shrugged, he was still smiling.
"We're just trying to show our support." Marco interjected, "you know Alpha team is a safe space to share...certain things."
"Com'on Marco, everyone knows that you're the one who's running the pool about us." Piers turned to him with a snort.
"What..." Marco tried to fake a chuckle, "who told you that?"
"Actually, Jill told me about the pool." Chris laid his shirt on the back of the bench, "she also said you were prying around."
"Oh that?" he struggled for an answer to get himself out of the hole, "no, that's just something came up in our conversation. I happened to be thinking about you two, that's all."
"You think about me and Piers naked a lot? Marco?" Chris asked deadpanned. He proceeded to take off his pants, and expose his panda-patterned boxer, Piers found them in a store from China town.
"Umm..." Marco stuttered, he was turning bright red.
"Captain, I think that's enough for him." Piers was also stripped down to his underwear, as if they were trying to make Marco uncomfortable on purpose.
Chris never said it out loud but he really appreciated how well his team reacted when he and Piers first came out to them. Truth to be told, they didn't really seem surprised at all. After that, it was all business as usual. Of course, except the pool Marco was running that bet on which one of them is the dominant.
     "We should tell them and split the money ourselves." Piers once jokingly suggest.
     "Yeah let's do that if we ever run low on cash." that was his reply.
"Alright, people." Chris threw on his T shirt, "who's ready for some laps?"

Chris could not carry a tone, that was for sure, but you didn't necessarily need a nice singing voice to lead jodies. Chris believed nothing motivated the team more than some good old cadence calls in their routine morning run.

Everywhere we go - oh (Everywhere we go - oh)
People wanna know - oh (People wanna know - oh)
Who we are (Who we are )
Where we come from (Where we come from)
So we tell them (So we tell them)
We are Alpha (We are Alpha)
Dedicated Alpha (Dedicated Alpha)

The morning training covered the basics of close combat. Chris cut Piers no slack in the matters of training, if not even more stricter.

"Alright, thirty push-ups, if you can't finish in thirty seconds, do again." his team learned long ago the only way to finish their daily in one piece was to push it through, "Piers, you'll do it on one arm," he instructed.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Piers shouted. He would have smiled a bit if he were not too concentrated on finishing the session.

The sniper demonstrated again and again the power underneath his lean muscle, and that always drew a smile on Chris' face.
There was a reason Piers could fire an anti-material rifle in a standing position.

Chris sometimes preferred a hands-on approach in directing his team, this was a good way to keep himself in shape and his skills sharp. "Close combat training." he stretched a bit, "pair up now."

His lieutenant walked directly towards him. Chris took the combat stance: "Don't expect me to go easy on you."

"Like you ever did." the ace took the first strike, he knew going against Chris would request an all-in effort.

Piers fought a good fight. He even bested Chris several rounds, but Chris was both larger and more experienced than him. Piers was thrown on the ground more than he'd like to admit. Sometimes Piers would ask for some special training, he was as dedicated as he was robust and virile. And who said not to mix business with pleasure?

"Alright, change partners." Chris pulled him up from the ground, "Finn, your turn to fight me." he gestured Finn to come over.

The poor rookie was currently being pinned down by a elbow lock from his black teammate. Chris recognized the potential in him, but the kid had a long way ahead of him before getting there.

"Captain Redfield!" on their way back, a training officer addressed him from afar, "Captain Redfield!"

"Captain Sherman." Chris halted his team, "How's the rookie training?"

"Now they're just a bunch of whining idjits, but wait until when I'm done with them..." Sherman nodded with confidence, "Do you mind to let one of your best boys show these thick skulls a trick or two?" he pointed at the obstacle course.

"That won't be a problem." Chris smiled, "Piers!" he called out the sniper's name without hesitation.

"Sir!" Piers stepped out of the formation, saluting to the two officers.

"Show them how it's done." Chris pointed at the newly recruits, Piers then dashed towards the course.

"You must be very proud of him." Sherman watched his agile body breezed through the obstacle trail, sighing in amazement.

"More than you can imagine." replied Chris.

The team hit the showers as soon as they finished the morning training.
It wasn't in the requirement, but nobody liked a stinky person.
Although the public shower was nowhere near the one they had at home, they enjoyed this brief moment of unspoken intimacy.
Such as their bond that a simple glance contained more than words can say.
They never intended to flash their relationship like a neon sign, nor did they try to hide.
People just found out one way or another.

"Piers, you done with the soap?" he looked at the sniper, "Could you pass it to me?"

"You forgot to go to the logistics again?" Piers held out an arm to pass the unscented bar to Chris, while the other hand lathering his body, "Not that I mind sharing." he gave the latter a sly look.

"Thank you." Chris reached out, their dripping fingertips brushed each other for a brief moment, "Remind me before we go home today."
(Perhaps that was how people found out...), Chris wondered for a moment.

Piers always had a jar of hair wax available in his locker.
"One must always keep the hair in style for unforeseeable circumstances.", his reasoning was almost as adorable as his obsession with proper style.

Chris, on the other hand, gave up setting his hair completely a couple of years ago. Now he just let them dry naturally after showers. Luckily this did not jeopardize his encounter with the unforeseeable circumstance that was Piers Nivans.

To Be Continued ...

Short Story by ltfoxyee
Images Rendering by xTh13teeNx

Article Reproduced & Post Written by Sherry
Postings Co-writers & Typo Revision by Jacinthe


MeMe13 the brave is our Deviantart member gave the nickname lol Also a friend told me that sounds like 勇者妹妹13, because she's the Chris x Piers guardian (?) That's cool, though meme meaning has different way, I think Lol

This post is dedicated to MeMe13 the Brave / xTh13teeNx, to express our tribute.
Because she's always generous to share her masterpiece without asking for anything.
Moreover, her loyalty for Chris & Piers, just like my loyalty of love for Snow & Noel, that's really moved us.
The main objective is to thank her for always selfless sharing high-quality works to us.
Thanks again!

- Jacinthe -

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