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FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・RPG is out now! Yay! I played it and reached the true ending!  To whom interested it, I'll share some important options of the first 40 minutes gameplay here.

 OP Anomator:Gian Luke of Persona Group with Derek P. N.

After CG intro, the game will start to continue from the final scene of short film FFXIII: Awaken Prologue.

It's very reassuring as the entire gameplay always has hint to follow.

The First Time Choice Options

The first time choice always is the most difficult. A human, naked drifting alone in the wilderness, how to survive? Of course you can refuse the Beast's courtship 🦁 💓 🔞 and live on your own... Amen. 👋🏼

Mating with the Male Beast

 Character Lv 20 + Summon Key Item

Try to escape

 Character Lv 1 / No Summon Key Item / Level up with battles on your own

The Second Time Choice Options

The second time choice would happen during you are fighting with creature of Snow's Secretions.

Mating with the Filthy Snow

 A Piece Memoir from Snow's Journals CG + Key Item

Refuse the Filthy Mating ask

 Funny Event ❣️

Summon Snow guys Key Item

 For my personal option, This Crystal Key Item is the best! lol 💞

The Third Time Choice Options

Once you completed three Snow's Memoirs, and then you'll face the first time true Boss battle in the game (This boss fight actually is very hilarious lol). After that, the most difficult choices for you also come.

Above two choice options in the middle of Boss battle will have huge impact on your status results.

After the Boss battle, no matter what you decided here that you'll visit Ifrit's lair soon or later. Although the game storyline already have huge differences after 1st and 2nd time choice options, but the last decision here still very important

Normally it would be take about 40 minutes for the gameplay to arrive here. And yeah! Then you'll be able to roam in ifrit's lair as a place for save and rest.

Okay, hope you guys will like our 1st RPG project, following gameplay I'm sure that will gives you a lot of pleasure! Cheers 💟 - Sherry

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 Posted by Persona Group Plus

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