Games Combination Creations of Multi Editor Project IV

We have two DmC Devil May Cry Works are eager for your encourage! Sincerely & Hopefully request Viewers Click "Like" to HOME & FALL on YouTube! Thanks!

First time charge the group's project... and also it's a MEP! Be honesty, I really have no too much confidence for that... lol
But each member really did a great job for their parts! For my proposed project, they spare no effort to make the whole works to achieve perfection!
Since the group has been established until now, we will soon greet the advent of 3rd Halloween... We want to take this work presents a carnival-like CG feast and also look forward to each game & movie come out!

- Archer -

Persona Group 1st corps members are 

Persona Group 2nd corps members are 
Jake & Sherry 
Yama & Harlock
and Edward

Snow's Religion Creations:

Snow Villiers Creations Index:

Persona Group World Blog: 

Persona Group creations playlist: 

post by  Archer

Persona Group 4th Multi Editor Project part I
The League Fantasia !!!
Gangster Heroes ギャングスターヒーローズ

The League Fantasia!!!
Gangster Heroes ギャングスターヒーローズ

Images Editors:
Space Pirate Captain Harlock / personaapollo
Thief / personahyacinth
Snow's Religion / personaapollo
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 / personasnowvilliers
inFAMOUS Second Son / personacyparissus
Warframe / personacyparissus
Halo 5 / personacyparissus

Sound Effects & Background Music Editors:
Yama & Harlock

To Be Continued...

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松本零士  & 宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック (C) 荒牧伸志 & 東映アニメーション  Co Ltd.
Gabriel (C) KONAMI Co Ltd.
Thief (C) Square-Enix Co Ltd.
inFAMOUS Second Son™ Game (C) Sucker Punch Productions
Halo™ Game Bungie, Inc.
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