FINAL FANTASY XV:The Best Update Has Come


FINAL FANTASY XV:EPISODE IGNIS・First 3 minutes! Yay! The best part is here will also have a huge update on December - We finally can to swap characters in the gameplay! This is totally awesome! While watch the 3 minutes opening if you also feel blood boiling lol Before Ignis DLC release date arrival, we're enjoying Multiplayer Expansion Comrades a lot now! Woohoo!!! We're really getting hyped lately Lol I'm sure the December Update must give each true FFXV fan a great gameplay journey feeling of accomplishment, isn't it? From the main story to Season Pass DLC, Timed Quests, Chocobo Carnival, Assassin's Festival and Multiplayer Expansion Comrades and so on. We are completing a Final Fantasy XV Universe of our own over time and again... There are so many awesome stuff I wanna talk with you, but now, let's temporarily enjoy this moment and see you next posts ✌️ - Archer

FINAL FANTASY XVEpisode Ignis・First 3 Minutes

FINAL FANTASY XVDecember Update・Character Change

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