Volt Krueger's Far Cry 3:Blazing Gangster Bros・Infinite Lustful Mating Nightclub


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OK! Try our best to finish latest project - Volt Krueger's Far Cry 3:Blazing Gangster Bros・Infinite Lustful Mating Nightclub! The story background of the works based on memoir from Jason's nightclub journal.
Be honest, all projects have been seriously lagging behind more than 20 days... *sweats* Because it's Summer, that's all lol Still have many projects wait to work...

In fact, we don't like Far Cry series. Never deeply appreciate the game quality.
Because after overall observation roughly, we purely feel that's so stupid as a group of addicted sensual pleasures dudes accidently suffered a living death torture in an isolated island. Too rich so that the brain losing functional... (?)
But it doesn't mean we would ignore Brody brothers! It's hard not pay attention to them... they're so hot Made this works motivation purely was drooling desire... *confession*

As the works is totally an adult edition as it involved brotherly love taboo so we not only avoided to discuss more contents about it, but also only for privately watch. Having said this, we never make works only for erotic, Volt Krueger's Far Cry 3:Blazing Gangster Bros・Infinite Lustful Mating Nightclub still is a masterpiece as it completely perfect fusion with the game story. That's a truth.

Lol anyway we again took a great opportunity to make a crystal works from Volt. All the glory belongs to him.
It's worth mentioning that we also combined one amazing fragment into Volt Krueger's Far Cry 3:Blazing Gangster Bros・Infinite Lustful Mating Nightclub. The clip created by Vertigo-Owl.
Find new artists always be fun unlimited.

Volt Krueger

Alright, no more words, enjoy

- Persona Group Plus -

Volt Krueger's
Far Cry 3Blazing Gangster Bros・Infinite Lustful Mating Nightclub

Password Gangster Bros

 Volt Krueger's Far Cry 3:Blazing Gangster Bros・Infinite Lustful Mating Nightclub

A short film by Volt Krueger

Video Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group Plus 

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