Tangled:The Sleeping Raven

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I really like Flynn Rider and Rapunzel.

Even if I know that won't be a successful project, but I still asked Group to complete Animated Trilogy project.

From many exploratory dialogues with friends, I found out them rather aka Aladdin, 
do not like to become Eugene... 
So... another lonely project with me again...

When some projects be marked shameful, be abandoned or unfrequented, I always hold them in my arms and stay with in the
forgotten time and space.
Because they once gave me the wonderful memories, they will be my kawaii children forever.

Feel free with your heart to touch my works affections...
Each fairy tale's happily ever after forever is the tearing broken reality.
My each broken dream crystal which was sealed in a dark corner of the frozen chamber... 
For me, they're still luminous...

- Jesse -

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The Sleeping Raven
Is Dreaming Forever...

The Sleeping Raven

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Rodolfo just passed his interviewing, and ready to enjoy his freely happy days. Since been forgotten, all Snowmen already melted... 
Be happy in Madrid, I'll be here pray for your smooth sailing! Good-bye

Frozen: Kristoff's Wings Of Heart