Final Fantasy XV:Episode Duscae Demo Review Part I

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Although this posting was simply spend leisure time in Easter weekend, may not professional, yet focused on high-quality postings always what we do.
Especially when working with friends, enjoying the fun moments surpassed professional demands. (wanna get professional information, direct go to official website, please. ptfff)
Moumuu's review was very approachable, I believe readers also will like it.
Enjoy (─‿‿─)

The game beginning with man sleeping face looooool XDDDDDD
It knocked my socks off from the get go.

The great dramatic impact that lead to the prairie of Duscae from a small tent. Not only that, I can sense the enthusiasm of staff that we want you to enjoy here.

Demo Main Characters: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Ignis Stupeo Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia and Prompto Argentum
hereinafter referred to as
Noct, Ignis, Gladio and Prompto

Noct and others have to make money for a repair cost of car.
After walking a little way, Gladio teach me the basics of a battle.

(BTW, how did Prompto break the car? He took the wheel from Ignis and drove offroad or something?)

About Battle
While it is a casual, has depth and skilled gamers also can enjoy. This is my impression to recent FF.
FFXV is not an exception. Training wheel features such as the auto attack, the avoidance, and a battle that do not need high reflexes attract more and more gaming population to this game.

At the same time, it gives a great pleasure to skilled gamers by providing opportunities to level up their gaming skill through aiming difficult parries in terms of timing, and reducing consumption of MP by not holding an avoid button a long time.

I like the customization of weapons as well.
FFXV was shifted into an action, but the customization and control over MP are emphasized, so I could feel the past FF style as RPG.
(There is a complain. Camera is too close, so it often happens that I did not understand what is going on.)

On Behemoth's Trail
I heard a Behemoth horn sells at a higher price. I decided to follow Behemoth's trail while battling small fries.

In the beginning I thought a battle is hard, but they will be strong soon coz Lv easily rise. It is probably coz this is a demo.

In a battle, I think it was Ignis who has the most commonly helped me when my HP reaches zero.

To Be Continued...

Final Fantasy XV:Episode Duscae Demo Review Part II

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