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We have two DmC Devil May Cry Works are eager for your encourage! Sincerely & Hopefully request Viewers Click "Like" to HOME & FALL on YouTube! Thanks!

I just can't help myself to introduce this video maker Moumuu lol 
Be honesty, since YouTube upgrade channel systems and monetization policies that copyrights almost killed all YouTube video creators already...I mean, owned real talent and skills creators.
I'm really glad to find a great video creator as my treasure! lol (Don't judge my excitement anyway... real Like-minded friend is hardly find in present, even though it's the internet...)
I don't know is she or he lol
I don't care anyway! I appreciated the creator's works and talent, not the gender!

Moumuu's Latest Works She and Them / かんけいにもえてみた
This works is my favorite! Its Japanese title also is very beautiful...
( かんけいにもえてみた... Through her eyes, she silently watching their specious love relationship was burned...Shattered hearts just like sparks swirling in the sky, finally nothing left... -personaapollo-) Thanks Jesse's explanation made me more into this works! You're my best forever lol

Alright, meticulously recommended Moumuu to you!
After watched his works, I'm sure that you would feel his efforts and passion through the works, also immersed an unique and brand-new DmC Devil May Cry world!

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Co-writers: Sherry & Jacinthe

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