PERSONA:Burn My Dread・P3 The Movie Edition

PERSONA:Burn My Dread・P3 The Movie Edition

PERSONA:Burn My Dread・P3 The Movie Edition

A fan made AMV by personaapollo, personacyparissus, personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth

Video Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group 

 Theme Song by Shoji Meguro (目黒将司):Burn My Dread・Last Battle Theme
 Performance by Lotus Juice feat. Yumi Kawamura from Persona 3 Original Soundtrack:Disc 2・Track # 22


I will
Burn my dread! Burn my dread! Burn my dread! Burn my dread!
There's no man's land, no man ever survived
Invisible hands are behind you just now
If you ever win that race against rage
Then you'll be king coz it's no man's land

The mask is in heavy rain, ultimately slain
Make shadows slave, what we've done is in vain
Carrying AK-47
But you've gotta live it persecuted by heaven!
Comes from the direction, no indication
You've got to, to let it move first

Let it out
Let it down
Let it inside
Let loose
Letting, letting, damn depressed
Let's get it up!

Then whatcha gotta is
Drop the hammer down
Drop rhyme, drop hammer
Diggin' like a labor
You've got blood all over
Ash all over
Spit it out, son
Game's over

Burn my dread!
Tear up your fear, the end is coming near
Spit it out like a spear, I'll burn your dread

Burn my dread!
No Soul
All dust
We bust
Justice to the man with no life


Hee-ho! JACK FROST debut!!!
Jack Frost is Shin Megami Tensei most popular badass mascot, you know? haha I'm really happy the 2nd episode AMV PERSONA:Burn My Dread・P3 The Movie Edition uploaded on my YouTube channel! Of course the background music definitely make it damn perfect and fucking cool as perfect match my Noel's images editing! Trust me and you'll see! I guarantee you (chest thumping) would loop it whole day!
hahaha 🐺 - Snorre -

Be honest, I'm really speechless this one lol
Our each Trilogy project contents that we would usually keep well-balanced of high-quality standards.
But mentioned PERSONA that each one's work power start to go crazy lol
Different from the first two episodes of past Trilogy works, it's very easy to be attracted as you started to watch from the first second began. And it's very special as its bonding very strong with the 1st episode AMV PERSONA:KARATE・P3 The Movie Edition! You can never refuse to completely watch the two episodes AMV again and again as you started.
For that, PERSONA:KARATE gave the follow-up works a very strong development space. Amazing masterpieces, Editors! - Edward -

That rap theme ... Grrr Love this damn game so much! Superrr!!! So many memories emerge instantly (battle mode on). lol
Probably only PERSONA lovers can understand how much blazing passion we have lol
Like chest feel fire burning and blood boiling as we heard the music while play the game... the ending had a bit sentimental that's true lol
Excited too much... wrote a lol article lol (ah! another lol again... sweats)
Talk about our 2nd AMV PERSONA:Burn My Dread・P3 The Movie Edition that is NO any shortcoming can be picky!

Q: Yo-ho, If the video get any dislike?
A: ... Huh? Go to hell, you fucking retarded pfft
(kiddinnnnng, but who cares? lol)

Seriously, this Trilogy project works may the best works this year...

Now let's enjoy the 2nd AMV PERSONA:Burn My Dread・P3 The Movie Edition and look forward to our project episode complete! (after August though lol)
Seeya 🐯 ☕️ - Archer -

- Edward and Archer with Snorre -

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