Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS Episode III:ERRORS・The Chapter Of Caius Ballad


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The Triple Bestial Desires Of The Infinite Lustful Chaos

Final Fantasy XIII Series Season III
MirrorS Episode III
The Chapter Of Caius Ballad The Movie

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS / ERRORS

█ Kill Me... Then the Chaos will has the power to warp the timeline and destroy the past... █

Timelines start collapsed!
Younger Snow chosen let Serah gone, and teamed up with another robust valorous blond hunk - Older Snow Infinite Lustful Gang-Raped the Juvenile Traveler's virginity succeed!!! (from Top Secret Events V into MirrorS Episode ZERO)

"I'll go with you! Help you do it! Just let me!!!" - Younger Snow pleaded to Older Snow for his Gang-Rape Noel plan.

The Decisive Infinite Lustful Mating!
The Juvenile Traveler - Noel chosen different way from the original vision (Top Secret Events IV), in Nora's house of New Bodhum, Noel thoroughly let three robust valorous blond hunks - Snow guys teamed up Infinite Lustful Gang-Raped him (Top Secret Events II) without condom!!!

Let us wildly ejaculate into your anal deep inside, Noel! Our Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen would be our Eternal Mating Bonding Connection with you!!! - One after another Snow guys pantingly muttered with Infinite Lustful Masculine Smirking waves.

The Most Crucial Infinite Lustful Mating!
In A Dying World, order to make the Incubus Spatiotemporal Slit appears, The Juvenile Traveler - Noel must consorting with NORA gang guys and let their leader - Another Younger Snow unscrupulous Infinite Lustful Mating him!!! Also their Mating caused Younger Snow got Infinite Lustful Mating dreams and fated the whole story begins. (Noel appeared in my dreams again. Can you believe it? - Younger Snow in MirrorS Episode ZERO)

"Noel!? Is that you?" - Another Younger Snow titteringly said with Infinite Lustful but deep thick Masculine voice.

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ビデオ制作協力 Derek P. N.

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Music by Ivan Torrent, Thomas Bergersen & Paul Dinletir

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Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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