Test unavailable on mobile phone device videos on YouTube

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ZOOTOPIA:Selfie Is Everything!

So, doing more tests for YouTube's unavailable on mobile phone device videos. I really hope it will be successful!

 - Edward -

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Endless Tiger Dancers Heat Loop Clip

ZOOTOPIA:Selfie Is Everything!

ZOOTOPIASelfie Is Everything!

ZOOTOPIA:Selfie Is Everything!

A fan made AMV by personaapollo & personasnowvilliers

Video Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group 

Yeah! New AMV published!!! Nominally is a new project post but we actually did a test for our latest AMV.
Because... again, our latest project - ZOOTOPIASelfie Is Everything! was blocked in Germany and unavailable on some devices included mobile phones, game consoles with set-top boxes etc. blah blah blah Sooo annoying lol That's why this post has a few differences with the previous posts.
Gladly know ZOOTOPIA:Selfie Is Everything! still available playing with PC on YouTube, but no mobile phone devices is really sucks for present.
However YouTube and Google+ maybe are powerful but not each website would eat their shit as lame pussy lol
Maybe you never try before, but take a chance to do something without being controlled that feel so cool!
Although long ago we already knew embed in blog videos could broken YouTube's unavailable devices wall, but we're still looking for more ways, that's why we started to use Tumblr page.
It's not only to watch  ZOOTOPIA:Selfie Is Everything! AMV on Tumblr, but also can use in embed way to here LOL

So... if your mobile was blocked for servicing our new AMV, maybe you wanna try to break the stupid rule once(?) Lol Feel sorry for Germany was blocked by YouTube... anyway Enjoy!


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