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Happy New Year 2014!!!

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2013 is nearly end, each member's personal chores there is a need to finish. We tried to relax in this month. We also hope that each of our projects will be a smooth start in the coming year. Sincerely wish you all the best!

Renderer AnubisDHL

Renderer AnubisDHL

Renderer jaymeeraine

Renderer JavierMicheal

Renderer LoneWolf117

16th December... Since my CoBo left me, I never ever really cheer up on December anymore. Xmas, New Year also are not important to me. I never forget you, my dear CoBo - Memories Forever 1998-2012 -

damn... i really like that fb page... wtf it gone!? - Snow Villiers -

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For a long time never seen... The best comics by far <3
- Persona Group -

Cyanide & Happiness,
Implied Countless sad humanity and emotions into simple lines comics...
I love this fan pages so much! - Noel Kreiss -

Artist: Cyanide & Happiness

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happy b-day! bro - Snow Villiers -

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Sincerely wish you have a best 23th Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!! man lol - Archer Hyur -

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY :DDD Dear Aetos X3 November 29

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! November 29 Aetos / persoahyacinth

Renderer LoneWolf117

Renderer Lilith Winchester

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Happy Birthday! Man lol Wish you have a best Weekend! - Archer Hyur -

Message Board
Happy Birthday My dear friend

Message Board
happy birthday =)

Message Board
happy b-day! bro - Snow Villiers -

Message Board
Happy Birthday! Piers :D 9th November

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! November 9 Piers

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Best wishes +1  

Message Board
My best Wishes for dear Lazn... for your health, happiness and best life
- Persona Group Plus -

Renderer javiermicheal

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all for my noel...

Message Board
have a good weekend to you too! =) - Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad -

Message Board
You, too! my dear *hugs* - Hope Estheim -

Renderer LoneWolf117

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Sincerely wish everyone had spent a great Halloween time!

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Waaa Snow's smiling bookmarks! Thank you so much! :D I love them very much ;') Thank you, my Snorre *hugs* - Noel Kreiss -

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my noel(hugs) he'll restore health and come back!(kisses)

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Yeah, me too... - Hope Estheim -

Rendering by TD-Yukiryuu

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You're welcome... but I miss Lazn very much... ;( - Noel Kreiss -

Group Bulletin
Thank Jess helped me revise Snow's Religion last revison! Thursday will be on Vimeo upload and replace the old crop version!

10 / 02 / 13 - Hope Estheim -

Renderer LoneWolf117

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Have a nice travel, Man! - Archer Hyur -

Message Board
*hugs back* I will wait you back! :D - Noel Kreiss -

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i've a travel on business until this weekend, absent few days... take care yourself, my star -hugs =) i'll bring gift for you after i back! =D

Message Board
Sent some sample music for you...
I'm so dizzy for this part *bitter smile* Got to go! -off - Hope Estheim -

Renderer LoneWolf117

Message Board
need more time for music, i'm damn busy...

Message Board
...(hugs tightly) - Snow Villiers -

Message Board
My Snorre forever ;') - Noel Kreiss -

 Message Board
!!! i see u! my noel! (hugs) - Snow Villiers -

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hahaha There is no unearned thing... If they are really eager to watch, they must invest a little effort to find them.
In our little dreamland Blog, always have answers could be find in everywhere :')
aww Sherry is a tough girl! >:3 I believe her! - Noel Kreiss - 10 / 01 / 13

Message Board
wolves Snow guys and puppy Noel... That's really so hard to be find!?

Furthermore, poor Sherry, I really feel so sorry to let you bear the mission in the stupid Rule34 website *a hug*

- Persona Group Plus - 09 / 20 / 13

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Back for More story by LoneWolf117

A very beautiful series works... I collected them became a series! ;)
Actually, I think Kevin didn't know that his works would become a series ever since he created them from one by one XD

Message Board

Message Board
... I hate Tumblr *dizzy* 

Message Board
hahaha wtf - Snow Villiers -

Message Board
hahaha XD What are you doing!? Lancyyy \(°w°)/

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Lol I never expect that... I originally thought my FFX works would be fall asleep as forever... I'm really grateful Lazn! 
Hope he would like our complete version gift! - Hope Estheim -

Group Bulletin 
Waaa (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Lazn's newest projects totally are amazing!
We really were grateful for him to let us completed a dream crystal again... It's a so beautiful story about Seymour's infinitely promiscuous lust sphere for Tidus ;') 
Thank you so much! Lazn :') 
... Jas' crystal dreams are more and more complete... I'm so envy her... <;3

- Persona Group Plus - posted on on 16th August 2013

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You bad bad Snow... X3

Message Board
Oh Com'on... My Noel...

Message Board
One day, I just online then Google Chrome warning me that my computer got a malware sprotector.dll and it would conflict with Google Chrome.
It's an extremely outrageous malware... 
You can't delete it in any way. It can crash down your Google Chrome when you browse in the internet...
 An innocent me even don't know when it had been invade my computer...
 But I don't dare tell anyone that I deleted it in 10 seconds... Because I'm so afraid of the malware designer would assassinate me...
So I write it in here... I hope it still can help someone. 
Step 1.
Enter Program Files Folder (Google Chrome would tell you which folder it hidden) and change the file name sprotector.dll into anything you want. 
(special the ".dll" must be erase! this step would let the malware lost its power.)

Change the file's name and let it becomes useless file icon.

Step 2.
Open the recycle bin and change the settings become "direct delete files don't into recycle bin".
Then just click the mouse to delete the malware.
Done! Just simply delete the extremely outrageous malware!

- Noel Kreiss - posted on on 12th July 2013

Message Board
Finally, Lazn's Blog start to reboot... I hope his creating issues would be solved! 

- Persona Group Plus - posted on on 4th July 2013

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Two Infinite lustful Thoughts of Love make their physical and mental eager to become one...

Thinking of Noel...

Thinking of Snow... 

- Persona Group Plus - posted on on 14th June 2013

Group Bulletin
this time snow is totally cool! =D 

- Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - posted on 7 June

Group Bulletin 
Yeah! love my first works and voting me! thanks lol 

R.I.P.D. Tough Day Edition 降魔戰警

- Archer Hyur - posted on June 6

Group Bulletin 
this one totally beaten me =D damn jas lol super epic! love it! =)

 Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters 
Heart of Legend Edition
波西傑克森 妖魔之海

- Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - posted on 3 June

Message Board 
thx, man =D i enjoyed this project =)

Group Bulletin
this works is totally cool! hahaha love trivial projects! we really get some fun from it! 

The Wolverine Broken Steel Claws Edition 金鋼狼 武士之戰

- Snow Villiers - posted on June 1

Message Board
hahaha glad u like it! my noel(hugs tightly) 

Group Bulletin 
Waaa (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Darling is so manly as always... /( ̄ ̄///)
Totally Coolest video... 

Pacific Rim Let's Go Fishing Edition 環太平洋 華納戰隊 2013

- Noel Kreiss - posted on on 28th May 2013

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Happy Weekend! *laughter* 

Message Board
!? :D :D :D 
Kawaii response picture! Darling XD
okey :3 
This week was so hot outside anyway...
Let's spend a happy home-weekend XD

Message Board
hahaha, after last night, everyone should rest assured, girls?
ok! go home with me, my noel

Come with me! my Noel

Looking for Noel 

Message Board
I really have no self-confidence... Lazn... 

Piers & Carla 

Message Board
I'm so worry... 
Lazn never reply to me any message...
I'm really really worry... 

Carla Radames

Ada Wong
Renderer LoneWolf117

Message Board
A lot has happened to make us delayed 3 extraordinary superior projects... 
but we never give up anything! Lazn <3 catch up for us >.< 
I'm so nervous... *pacing back and forth in the living room* 

Let's DO this together! Noel!!!
Renderer LoneWolf117

Message Board
you always can count on me! bro =) 

Message Board
It's really a tough of life... my dear Archer *hugs tightly* We'll be with you! Sincerely hope you'll overcome soon *kisses* 

Message Board
*hugs* I'll support you forever! dear Archer ;') - Noel Kreiss -

Message Board
archer, i wont leave u alone, we will always be brothers! - Snow Villiers -

Jake & Sherry
Renderer Lisa-Bell

Renderer LoneWolf117

Renderer ethaclane

Renderer vanadise

Message Board
hahahahaha so jas, the truth is revealed... the blog be born and whole huge projects really was because a virginity puppy story? hahaha i really cant understand sisterhood thing... damn, my noel is too cute...

Let's DO this together! Noel!!!
Renderer TD-Yukiryuu

About the Amour of Snow Villiers & Noel Kreiss series inspiration
In addition to based on Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 story lines,
The stories of Snoel Lost Poems and Top Secret Events also was inspired derived
 - the three masculinity wolves and the virginity puppy -
We love this unique romantic amour very much! 
Therefore, we dream to create a series of works to combine these two original stories
and yeah, we're so glad to make our dream come true<3

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 5th May

Group Bulletin
Love this movie series! Thor is the best! <3
He is our sisterhood's Marvel Snow Villiers! lol 

Thor The Dare World DARK AIR Theme Edition

- Hope Estheim - posted on 2nd May

Piers Nivans
Renderer LoneWolf117

Group Bulletin
Special Thanks Kevin / LoneWolf117 accepted our requests! 
His works make our posts more complete! 
In addition, we are still waiting for Lazn finish the final project special scenes...
We're really looking forward to it...

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 28th April

Jake Muller

Rendering by tetsuok9999

Tearing Heart 

Message Board
hahaha yeah! good point! my noel(hugs)

Confession for  
Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event IV
I feel... 
Archer's article was too praising for this works... u_u 
I mean, 
Snorre had choose a great music to edit a fantastic background music, also director Aetos did a great job for sound effects, dubs... And Editor Jas also gave me so much helps... 
They are so great! except me... I'm a bad story writer... >.<; 

And I have to say:  
❝Don't let our Snow guys and Noel works to fool you... viewers... 
If it is not Snow and Noel, the pairing images would never so beautiful! =_= 
I'm always glad to watch our Event IV works, but I never ever want to see the original source film again...horror... ñ_n
Hooray! the aestheticism of Snow x Noel  XD 

- Persona Group Plus - posted on 11th April 2013

Group Bulletin 

Thanks to Snorre! *a big hug* The background music is too fantastic! >.< I love it so much... It makes our latest Top Secret Event works is full of blazing emotions! Also thanks to Aetos! *hugs tightly* You always give me the most blazing and aesthetic ideas! ;') This Top Secret Event will become the Unprecedented Masterpiece! ;D  Look forward to it! Lazn XD

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 4th April 2013  

About my Trinity Project II 
Rendering by satanic-soldier

finally my project Pirate & Assassin start into making process! =) i am looking forward to this project very much! =D after busy work, making a favorite game works with my star always is my best time! assassin's creed iv will be badass lol

- Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - posted on 5 March

 About 1st one AMV
I'm so happy to create our 1st one AMV! 
It really inspiring to our spirit in these cloudy mood days XD 

Yeaaah (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yu-Gi-Oh! Banzai
 Yugi Muto is the best! \(°▽°)/

  Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Yugi Muto Edition

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 26th February

 Group Bulletin
Square Enix announced that they are developing a new Final Fantasy game for PlayStation4. 

Square Enix also promised that will be more new information about publish Agni’s Philosophy demo and Final Fantasy Versus XIII news in this year! 
Look forward to it!

- Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - posted on 22 February

 Feel Badly for Everything... 
Since I mention about Cyberlink PowerDirector  Ultra 10 in a few weeks ago... then his website page has be closed. 
Maybe I should feel lucky for owned it before the site page closed, actually I feel sad... because I can see he pay a lot of efforts to manage his page. And now it's all gone... 

Originally Lazn and I have a very happy start for our new projects at last Weekend... Just began a few hours and then his computer broken. 
Maybe his files all gone... I had encouraged him, a loss may turn out a great gain... 
But I know I never own a real happy and perfect result for myself once. 

We never can keep one thing forever in reality life...
Dreams are Dreams, Never come true. 
After fugue trip in this dreamland, I still need to keep awake to face my reality.

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 9th February

 Group Bulletin
welcome to our blog, visitors!
here is our group members like-minded fun corner!
u will not watch a Restricted works and then become demons,
u also will not watch a General audiences works and then turn into angels.
imagination no marginal, maintain a balanced state of mind and enjoy our works!

- Persona Group - posted on January 28

Dante & Vergil

Renderer o0Crofty0o / sumirehaikuxna

Nothing Helps...
On YouTube, Our Group works views of the sum would be deducted more than 100,000 and the reason is single-handedly caused by you - YouTube! I know a works video views high or low that doesn't mean anything about its quality good or bad though... But Thanks alot anyway, FKN YouTube! I'm so glad to spit it out lol

- Hope Estheim - posted on 28th January

 Ninja Lazn
An open conference subject for game development technology researchers and student!? *o*
It's so cool, Aetos! :D
Ah! :0
Lazn has been lost contact with me more than a week again... Maybe Lazn will be lurking among these people ... ﹁_﹁
Because Lazn is a Ninja hahaha ≧▽≦
═ˍ═... *sigh*

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 27th January

SQUARE ENIX Open Conference for Students will be held!

This is an open conference subject for game development technology researchers and students on 16 February. 
Location will be Square Enix Head Office.

Of course in Japan lol 

- Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - posted on 27 January

Oooh...Cyberlink PowerDirector  Ultra 10 share for free... ;'0
Just like a dream ;') 
I found it from a Traditional Chinese website blog yesterday... ;) 
For a poor video maker just like me, this is a God blessing! :'D
I'm so grateful for this kindly person... 
He'll never knows, how great he is... but really Thanks ;')

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 26th January

 Group Bulletin
I always love Lazn's rendering works *smiled*
He knows what is the Charming & Luring works very well *laughing*


Yuj & Maqui

- Persona Group Plus - posted on January 17th

 Group Bulletin
glad for finished dmc devil may cry trailer project! since 2011 until 2013, it's a long road! haha anyway, great job! guys. enjoy our group creations! thx, visitors

- Snow Villiers - posted on January 14

DmC Devil May Cry x One OK Rock

Message Board Oh my Gosh
Archer, you posted it everywhere, ain't you?... *dizzy*
All members will have their own tribute birthday video if they want... No one would be skipped... *pat your head*

Message Board Bio Hazard
Jesse T_T My birthday date is October 19! Don't missed mine!!!

Message Board
Thanks! to Andrea / ChaosVincentVII
of corse i like this, it's awesome!  My birthday is 20 March.

!? :D I'm really happy for there is another friend like my creativity!!! Thanks to Andrea... ;) Yeah, next goals are Andrea / 20th March, Snorre / 9th July and Aetos / 29th November! Thanks to you guys gave me confidence! ;') Waaa (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ sprinkling stars to us*:・ ゚✧ We're the best! XD

- Noel Kreiss -posted on 5th January

Message Board
My dearest Italy friend Giacomo's birthday - January 8th is coming! :D This is a very special video gift, sincerely wish to him will has a great year! ;) Happy Birthday! dear Giacomo ;')

Gabriel's Final Awakening
Giacomo Tizzanini di "Canta con me!" edizione (for January 8th)

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 5th Jaunary

Renderer makirepent

 Group Bulletin
i'm the last lol i'm back! my star =D happy new year to everyone!

- Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - posted on 1 January

Renderer james--c

 Group Bulletin
finally got some holidays, haha see u later! happy new year 2013!
- Snow Villiers - posted on Dec 31 2012

 Group Bulletin 
Happy New Year! :D
Best wishes to you'll have a great whole new start in 2013!

- Noel Kreiss - posted on 30th December 2012

 Group Bulletin
In advance to greetings all visitors! Happy New Year 2013! *grinning*
Sincerely wishes all the best to everyone!

Renderer o0Crofty0o / sumirehaikuxna

I'm not a game player, so I have no comment for the game play system. But I always sad for the new DmC Devil May Cry 5 Dante design... Even if he was naked, it does not cause me any motive to create. I really miss Devil May Cry 4 Sexy Dante very much... *tearful*

Renderer vincentxyoo

- Hope Estheim -posted on 30th Dec 2012

 Group Bulletin
More 2 days, New Year 2013 is coming! lol
I am very honored to be on behalf of the Group released our -Persona Group Business Update Notice 2013- new page!
Best wishes to all!

- Archer Hyur -posted on December 29 2012

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