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To Group Members:

Due to Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorSERRORS published, after this weekend, we finally completed our Final Fantasy XIII whole Snoel series latest updates!
Via Top Secret Events V to MirrorS, each episode demo version finally updated into the official version.
From Season I Snoel Lost Poems to Season II Top Secret Events IV, based on the original Final Fantasy XIII-2 storyline, Noel would trapped in the endless Möbius Paradox and forever with Snow guys suffering from life to death.
Since Top Secret Event V, along with Younger Snow had escape from the established fate shackles, and brought a series of impact effects caused Another Younger Snow, Older Snow and Noel to break the cycle of reincarnation.

Then we finally could clear at a glance the amour journey of Snow guys and Noel from Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorSZERO!

Then followed Older Snow's revolution in Snow's Religion!!! Trilogy. After Older Snow teamed up with Younger Snow gang-raped Noel's virginity succeed, Almighty Bhunivelze suddenly imprisoned him in the city of Chaos - Yusnaan. Older Snow how to rescue Noel get rid of Möbius Paradox circle and also breakthrough the God's Magically Sealed?



And ERRORS, for returning Old Snow, Younger Snow and Another Younger Snow of initial fusion past origins, Noel must to release the power of Chaos and change the past. Eventually Noel will be bound to face Caius.
Advance side by side fates eventually will be intersection? Would toward which end?


In Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorSWolf-like Masculine Guys!!!, along with the past had changed back, the truth of the memories would one by one comes to light.

The instigator of the sex CD,

Behind The Decisive Infinite Lustful Mating Without Condom planned Pervert and Gangster,

Older Snow and Younger Snow are intensely pursuing Noel in Sunleth Waterscape scene debuted,

For the whole series, Snow guys unscrupulous divisive tactics and doing their utmost, even if lost everything also without hesitation, only the pursuit of Infinite Lustful Mating of love with Noel forever. And Noel also willing to enjoy the blessing of having multiple sexual partners. Such greedy selfish but everlasting true love, whether it is worthwhile just on a matter of opinion.

Overall, Snoel Series is finally completely ended.
Now only remaining a bonus track between Snow's Religion!!! Finale and ERRORS.
Of course as we planned, in order to maintain the integrity of the series must explain clearly, Lightning and Hope's bonus track also ready to come out.
After this, farewell moment will eventually come... *tears*

OK, Group members, let's continue to maintain a sunny mood to create our various projects and look forward to our new works; Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorSMost Dreamy TruthInfinite Lustful Mating In A Dying World & Sin and Punishment publish!



Snow's Religion!!!

Battle Theme

Enamoured Masturbation Theme

Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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Group Member Notification:Creations Update!